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Transfering licenses using the updated DoStudio Smart Support tool 3.0

Hello everyone, another great new capability of the updated DoStudio suite of applications is the ability for users to manage their own licenses. With DSA/DSE 3.0 and the new DoStudio Smart Support tool (DSSS) 3.0 tool you do NOT need to interact with DoStudio support or send the Global License ID # to transfer your DoStudio licenses to a different system. It can now be done all by the owner/user.

If you have already installed the DoStudio 3.0 application using the new serials numbers you will find new options available that will allow you to manage your licenses with DSSS 3.0.

Using the DSSS 3.0 tool, you will see that the license(s) appear in black when activated in the main panel. If you right click on the license you will see a new option to Deactivate All Licenses. Choose this option if you want to transfer your DSA/DSE licenses to a new system. Once this has been completed on the first system, the license will turn RED showing that they are now deactivated from the system. Using your unique Serial Number(s) provided you can now do a full install of the applications on the new system using the DSSS button, Activate a New License.

If you need to only transfer some of the multiple licenses you may have, you will need to follow the procedure of deactivating ALL License first and then reinstate the license(s) that you want on which ever system you need.

If you have a system that is NOT connected to the Internet, you can still do this transfer procedure. You will need to use the GLID# from the NEW system to activate the license on a connected system first. The DSSS 3.0 application can be installed on as many systems as needed.

Once installed you use the Install a New License button to open the Activate DoStudio dialog box. Follow the instructions provided from the Activate DoStudio dialog box.

Once you have the GLID# you can use a Internet connected systems DSSS tool to install and activate the Serials numbers needed for the non Internet connected system.


Make sure you use the Activate a New License button. Then in the dialog box add in the GLID# of the non connected system and add in the appropriate serial numbers. As shown in the image. Once completed you will the need to right click using a mouse on the name of one of the licenses under the  Licenses for… area. This will allow you to save the licenses.

Once saved you can now take them to the non connected system and add them to the DSSS tool using the Install a new License button.

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