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We were very please to see Tony Laughton, over at Promoscape, demonstrate how easy it was for him to use Quick BD Menu (QBD) with DoStudio EX that we knew that Quick BD Menu (QBD) was a great new product to the Blu-ray Authoring world.


So today we are extremely excited to work with our partners DVD Logic, to bring you a very special offer for their new Quick BD Menu (QBD) product!


HDMV Authoring Made Easy yet Powerful

We get a lot of interest from DoStudio Indie users who want to author in HDMV but don't have the time to learn HDMV commands.  We believe Quick BD Menu (QBD) is an excellent way to get into HDMV without limiting what you can do.  This is because you can take the menu you create in QBD and import it right into DSA EX or you can bring it into the IG Editor and use it as a starting point.  If you are like me and learn by example using QBD with the IG Editor is a fantastic way to learn HDMV Authoring!! 


HDMV Template Creation

With QBD you can now create a set of QBD Projects as templates.  Simply change the background images and then export to DSA EX and you are ready to set up your DSA EX playlist.  This method of authoring allows you to quickly create a customized look without customized authoring.  Then when you need to customize your template bring it into the IG Editor and go nuts!  


Quick BD Menu Special

Quick BD Menu retails for $300 USD directly from DVD Logic but we have a very special introduction rate of $175  if:

     A) You purchased DoStudio EX prior to September 15th, 2011


     B) You upgrade to DoStudio EX Today!  (Hurry this is a limited time offer)


To learn more and to download a trial,  sign into your Smart Support Account today.


Begin Authoring in HDMV Today

Now is a great time to begin authoring in HDMV and enjoying features like: top menu, create menus that have their own image buffer so you aren't limited to one, no load times and resume. And with Quick BD Menu you can do it at pace that matches your busy schedule.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our team at sales [at] netblender [dot] com.

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