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New version of the IG Editor available

Dear DoStudio EX license holder,


We are pleased to announce a new version of the IG Editor, provided complimentary to any DoStudio EX license holder.

Version can be downloaded using the DoStudio Smart Support Tool and has two important changes/bug fixes.


Change #1: Stream Model default setting changed to Non-Multiplexed

Change #2: Deleted Page ID’s update to reflect accurate and consecutive number ordering


Details of changes:


Change #1: The first change is the default setting for the ‘Stream Model’ property of the Display Set.

In the previous versions of the IG Editor the default setting was “Multiplexed”, but since 99% of the EX projects use non-multiplexed menus (a.k.a. OUTMUX menus) the default is now changed to “Non-Multiplexed”.   One of the problems we have observed was that frequently user would not change the Stream Model property and that would cause playback and compliancy issues.

Both DSA and the IG Editor still support both modes. In DSA we strongly  recommend to use non-multiplexed menus as these load faster and their presence does not impact the main clip to which these IG menu clips are linked to. When using ‘multiplexed’ (a.k.a INMUX menus), all the menu data resides in the same transport stream where the primary video is and therefore there is a higher risk of running into graphic buffer underflows or other bitrate-related issues.



Change #2: The second change affects how page IDs are calculated.

In older versions of the IG Editor, if you added 4 pages for example you would have the following sequence of IDs: 0,1,2,3. 

Unfortunately when deleting a page from the list, the IG Editor would not re-set the ID sequence, since the ID sequence MUST be sequential (meaning you are not allowed skip numbers) and MUST start with ID 0.   With the new version, the IG Editor will re-calculate the ID sequence conforming to the requirements of the Blu-ray specifications any time you delete an existing page. 



We strongly recommend all DSA EX license owners to upgrade the IG Editor to version

Additional version of the IG Editor are available by contacting DVD Logic Software directly.


DoStudio Authoring Support

Sony Creative Software

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