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 In 2007 when HD-DVD was around, we realized we should be working directly with production professionals to build our applications.  Since then  we've introduce DoStudio 1 which still is in use for many many companies around the world.  DoStudio 2, EX, BD-J and 3D!  Production professionals have been providing feedback to us with every major release, for all  applications.   Many of them played a key contributing role in our development process and along they way they've become EXPERTS.  We reached out to six experts around the globe and invited them to be part of our new Experts Corner!  

 We are very grateful that each Expert in the Experts Corner has his/her own specialty.  This is what makes their Experts Corner Post unique, practical, professional and above all helpful!  When you are done reading, watching, or listening to an Experts Corner you should walk away having learned something or had something confirmed to be true.

Please Say Hello to the
Experts Corner Team Members

Greg Colao - The Audio Expert -  DoStudio user since 2009
From GDMX to NYC Greg has been in the industry for more then a decade. Knows the ins and outs of using DoStudio with every audio type.  He knows how to use APRMs like never before and is using his past experience to author very complex HDMV Blu-ray Discs using EX. 

Tony Laughton - The Business Expert - DoStudio user since 2008
Has an excellent grasp at the current industry landscape. He has an experts hand in reaching out to companies that can help improve the workflow to maximize his ROI.  To do this he directly collaborates with companies to help improve products and to build new ones.

Paul Masters - The Details Expert - DoStudio user since 2009
Paul has the ability to find ways to get DoStudio to do tricks that no one else has found.  Maybe its because of his development background combined with his creative side that provides him with the expertise to know exactly what not to do and what to do to get DoStudio to do tricks! He can tell you if its a work around or if its feature and sometimes when its both. 

Juan Reyes - The BD Insider Expert - DoStudio user since 2009
An expert Blu-ray Disc Association member with both eye on Blu-ray 3D! Testing new Blu-ray players before the rest of us and providing advice to professional on what makes a great 3D user experience are just some of his daily tasks.  Not to mention he's seen just about everything when it comes to Blu-ray!

The Expert who defines his own way. Developing new processes before everyone else. By doing this he knows how to get the most of of DoStudio using templates and png images. Has mastered a very well defined workflow and a great testing processes. Allowing him to author disc after disc quickly and reliably. 

Christoph Schmidt: -The 3D Expert-  DoStudio user since 2008
Knows how to take advantage of all the technology changes that come his way. From being one of the first HD-DVD authoring companies in Europe to authoring several Blu-ray 3D discs.  Christoph is an expert in using new technology to grow his business and has mastered 3D authoring with DoStudio.  

Philippe Perquin: -The Tools Experts-  DoStudio research and development user since 2008
Philippe knowledge of the tools available to a Blu-ray author is extensive and deep. He'll know about DoStudio's line of tools but he also knows how to use Scenarist, Sofatronics BD-J tool and more. He can provide tips that make HDMV authoring much easier and where to find tools that make authoring a little bit easier. With all his tool knowledge and years of experience, he's become a master at scripting for HDMV and has created some very impressive menus.  

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