Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

How to implement basic resume functionality when authoring an HDMV Blu-ray disc using DoStudio EX


Having the ability to resume title playback can be a very useful capability of a Blu-ray disc. In DoStudio EX it is possible to implement this functionality in the following way:

In the HDMV menus instead of using the command JumpTitle use the command CallTitle. This will make sure that the resume information is stored in the BD player’s status registers. After that in the newly loaded title it is possible to use the Resume command within a menu’s button to resume at any time or in the script of the Movie Object to resume after the clip has completed.

Please note that the command Resume will have no effect if there is no resume information stored. Therefore it is possible to use both the Resume command and the JumpTitle command in a sequence. In case there is resume information, the resume command will execute and the JumpTitle command will not execute. Otherwise in case there is no resume information stored in the player the command Resume will have no effect and the command JumpTitle will be executed.


This authoring technique can be seen in the sample project 'Resume23' available here.




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