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How to author slideshows with DSA EX (which authors in ‘HDMV’ mode)

We recommend the following workflow when authoring slideshows (please refer to the project “DSA_SlideShow.dsAp” found in the attached zip file.):

  1. Make sure the source JPGs have a full HD size (1920x1080)
  2. Make sure that the resolution is set correctly (to HD 1080i). This can be verified by selecting the slideshow node within the ‘Audio Video Segments’ parent node in the Playlist editor panel.
  3. When importing the slides (by right-clicking on the ‘Primary Slides’ node and selecting ‘Add Slides’) set the default duration and in the open file dialog select ALL the needed slides. This will save time!
  4. If needed add an audio and/or a subtitle streams making sure that the duration of the audio/subtitles is equal or shorter than the duration of the slideshow***. (*** The very last slide does usually NOT respect the duration set in the DSA UI. The reason for this is that the BD-specifications require the duration of the last slide to be the same as the duration of the video file referenced. Since we are dealing with 1-frame-long still images the duration of the last slide with be approximately one frame. This is why we recommend to use an audio and/or a subtitle stream of appropriate duration. To calculate the duration add all the durations of the slides EXCEPT for the last one. We also recommend to use a black slide at the end in order to avoid seeing the last slide flash by. This can be seen in the referenced project in the slideshow # 1.)
  5. When you are about to create a playlist from the slideshow segment DO NOT use the function ‘Create Playlist from Segment’. Instead create an empty playlist and manually drag the slideshow segment onto the empty playlist. By doing so you ensure that the playlist has the correct chapters allocated, which are used to navigate the slides.
  6. If you plan on adding a HDMV subpath menu make sure the menu is set to non-multiplexed in the IG Editor application and that the frame rate is set correctly.
  7. Please be aware of the following known issues:
    1. Several software BD players have a ‘hard time’ playing back slideshows. We have seen many different kinds of incorrect and inconsistent behaviors (green slides are loaded instead of the normal ones, the slide duration is inconsistent, the IG HDMV menu is occasionally not loaded, the first and/or the last slide gets skipped, etc.). We have so far not observed such problems on hardware BD players. Therefore please do not rely on QC done on software players. The project provided as an example is 100% BD compliant and should be ‘playable’ by all BD-players.
    2. Occasionally HDMV menus authored in the IG Editor can become corrupted. This is usually only seen after running BD-verification software for compliancy checking on the project (e.g the Sony BD-Rom verifier error ES1572 was seen on an HDMV subpath menu clip). In these cases the safest approach to cure such errors is to delete the HDMV menu in DSA, create a brand new on, re-import the source graphics from the PSD document inside the IG editor and re-author the menu from scratch.


Note on how to use the attached project: Unzip the attached file and copy the folder 'DSA_slideshow' and all its content to the root of the C drive, which will result in this path: C:\DSA_slideshow  . If this step is done correctly there will be no need to re-link any assets and it should be possible to mux the project after unzipping it.



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