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DoStudio 3.0 and BD Verification errors

Hello, As many of you consider the transition to DoStudio 3.0 it is always a question of why and when. Very understandable, the time and possible upsets to a working work flow can be a killer if it does not go well. We are all too familiar with the process. As you consider the validity of this update, I wanted to point out a significant improvement that may not be fully realized until you are impacted by it.

One of our major efforts for this update to DoStudio was to solve many of the BD verification errors that had been affecting DoStudio 1.9 and 2.x users for several years.

A little background.

The verifying of a BD project before it goes to replication has always been a bit misunderstood. For many it was never a consideration or probably never known about as many of the BD replication facilities did not enforce the need to have a report done on a project or simply allowed explainable errors to be ignored and the project to be mastered. Unfortunately, over the years there have been many BD titles that have been sold that exhibit playability issues or fail to play at all, leading to angry customers. Consequently, over the past year there has been a strong effort by the Blu-ray Disc Association to have all BD projects pass a BD verification report before mastering. Many replication facilities are now following this guideline very firmly. 

With DSA 3.0 many of the errors generated by previous DSA versions have now been solved making the replication process hopefully an easier process. A few are listed in the readme file, others didn't make it, but are included in the released version.

Additionally, it is our recommendation that you have a BD verification report done on your projects if you intend them to be replicated. These reports will provide confidence that the playability and compatibility will be ensured on BD players. SCS has recently partnered with Blu-focus ( as a verification partner for DSA projects. Discounted package pricing is available.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions about project verification or the installation of the 3.0 versions of DSA and DSE.

Best regards, Rob

Sony Creative Software

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