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Hello all,

we recently got feedback from customers that there are BD-players on the market that can explicitly set subtitles to off/none.

In one movie object we check which language is set - example:

If {PGTSLanguage(17)} == 6579573

Move [5] 1


6579573 is German

6713953 is French

6647399 is English

7565409 is Spanish


Is there a complete code-list somewhere? We especially are interested to know if there is a code for subtitles 'not set/set to off'.

I remember Denny replying to a question here in the forum that there would be a utility to help with the codes.

Thanks for any advice


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Hello Sandro.

There's a list posted on Doom 9 by deank

The command to turn off subtitles is SetStream showpg_textst:off

I hope this was helpful


HI Marcus

thank you very much, this is what I was looking for!

I guess this:
8026232 - zxx - No linguistic content
Is exactly for the purpose I need: to check if the BD-Player is set by the user to "please do not show any subtitles" ;D



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