Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

I'm working on a few HDMV projects and curious if there's some tips on avoiding long compiles.

Currently, I'm using temp video/audio assets that are short and it's been helping out.

However, I'm wondering if there's any other options or techniques that would be helpful.



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Hi Marcus,

could you state what system you are using?

One of the biggest time savers is to use an SSD. In combination with a fast PC we could bring down compile time to 7-8 minutes.


Well we're using

12 Processors of i7CPU @3.2GHz

12GB of RAM

With Internal Storage 1.8TB

Also the project is a BD-50.

I was curious if there were some approaches or ideals on dealing with compiles.Trying to avoid making minor changes to a single Title set and having it greatly affect the entire project.


how long does it take for your tipical BD-50 project to compile?

Is your 1.8TB a Harddisk or an SSD?




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