Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

Hey all,
Right now I'm using Annotation Edit on the Mac to spit out BDN XML + PNG subtitles for Blu-ray. I'm very happy with the quality of these images. Unfortunately its ability to export 4-color bitmap subtitles for DVD is nowhere near as good, the quality is poor. It can generate text scripts for use with DVD Studio Pro's own internal subtitle rendering engine though.

Trouble is, shuttling files back and forth to a Mac is a gigantic pain in an otherwise PC-based workflow.

What subtitle software are people here using for Windows? Any recommendations?

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Have a look at Sublime (PC and Mac versions available).

For BD, it does Dostudio only (I think you are using Scenarist mainly, right?) but it's timeline and subtitle creation/modification features, ease of use and performance make for a very smooth workflow which I haven't found with any other subtiling app. Also, for DVD, Sublime is more flexible (Scenarist, DVDstudioPro etc.). 

Apart from that, Lemony is a workhorse that can do things no other sub app can do - it comes with a hefty price tag and the UI is brain dead but it's very powerful.

Thanks Peter. Yeah, I'm using Scenarist for BD. I'm surprised it doesn't support both given that it's only the script that's different.

If anyone's interested, I ended up buying EZtitles. Loving it!

Hi David,

I was looking at EZtitles a little while ago; indeed looks great and versatile. Which edition did you end up going for?


I highly recommend it, total dream to use, customizable templates, and for the most part, intuitive. I got the "DVD" version which is one down from the highest-featured version.

There is "Subtitle Edit", which is free & one of the most flexible subtitle tools I ever saw. It works really fine for most situations & the wide subtitle format support is simply awsome. It can render BDN XML/PNG or DOST / PNG scripts very well. For those who have to prepare subtitles from already published DVDs, it can read SUP files (demuxed binaries with graphic informations) & convert it to text formats by OCR.

I would give it a try!

Btw, it prevented me from bying EZTitles which is indeed a decent piece of software.
Probably one of the best commercial tools one can get.

A second vote for "Subtitle Edit", I've used it for over a year now and it is getting better and better with every update.

It is now the only subtitle tool I use for DVD and Bluray authoring.

Unless I'm mistaken, Subtitle Edit can't (currently?) export subtitles for Scenarist SD, right?

AFAIK, you are right!

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