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Hi guys,

I may need to start doing UHD Blu-rays in the coming months, and I'm currently in "exploratory phase." Right now I'm just buying players, upgrading my gear, and a few commercial discs to get started.

Unfortunately, I've discovered that PowerDVD 18 is kind of a mess when it comes to UHD BD support, and won't work on an AMD-based PC. (I literally JUST BUILT myself a new Ryzen Threadripper workstation.) I've heard it also has issues with NVidia GPUs, which is what most people use. So it appears to be a non-starter.

What is everybody else using for testing and general playback on PCs? I hate to think I'd have to burn a disc just to have to do the most rudimentary testing. Those things are still pretty expensive.

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Hi Justin,

I will ask around and get some details from others. What version exactly of Power DVD 18 do you have? 


I'm using PowerDVD 18 Ultra. I've done some research, and it won't do 4K without Intel SGX (which is only found in Intel Kaby Lake processors and newer) and HAS to use integrated graphics (so even normal video cards from AMD and NVidia won't work). I was expecting that it might be OK if it was playing an unencrypted BDMV folder from a hard drive, but it's not.

I ended up buying an unlicensed player from a company that mostly sells BD ripping software. It mostly works, but it doesn't follow HDMV commands all that well, so I can already tell it's not going to be great for debugging. It's the best I've found so far though.

What is the version number of your PDVD Ultra install?

But, your detailed findings may be accurate.


Uh, well, the most recent patch brought it to v18.0.48757.9505.

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"Uh, well, the most recent patch brought it to v18.0.48757.9505."
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