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I have the indie version and I know that the Top Menu functionality is disabled but I'm hoping someone could give me a reason why? Is it possible for example to re-program it in blustreak tracer?

The client wants this functionality so unless there is a workaround we either have to revert back to encore or pay for the upgrade which seems crazy just to get one button to work.

I suppose what I am asking is that is this disabled button a spec level issue or has it been deliberatly removed to pursuade us to upgrade?

Any help gratefully recieved.



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Do Indie is Java only and because of this Blustreak won't help you here at all, not just with regards to the Top Menu issue. It's not a deliberate thing on Netblender/Sony's side. There are ways to have Top Menu functionality implemented also with Java discs but it's complex and, with one notable exception (see remark at the end), only part of the higher end authoring tools.I would strongly recomend HDMV anyway,the upgrade makes sense in lots of ways, not just because of the Top Menu functionality. Encore, in my opinion, is not an option for any kind of serious work or projects that require more than just the most basic playback functionality. It's riddled with issues and bugs. Do you need master output for replication?

If you don't want to spend the money on the upgrade (which I recomend) but want to leave Encore behind (please do), have a look at the tools from DVDlogic who also make IGeditor for Dostudio HDMV. You may find what you need there and they're also great companion tools for Dostudio, depending on your project and client's requirements.

Thanks for the reply Peter,

I suppose that this seems like the most basic of functions - it is a hardware button after all - so to a client it becomes increasingly difficult to explain without sounding like you are talking nonsense. It doesn't help when information is scarce either. I'll investigate DVDLogic..

Thanks again.

Hello Joeseph, Yes, the Top Menu Button of a BD remote control is not accessible / usable when authoring projects using DSA Indie.

One option, as Peter B. states,  is to update DSA to the EX version which will provide scripting control for the Top Menu button. But this would entail not only a purchase update but also learning how to author HDMV scripting for a project.

DSA Indie is a BD-J platform authoring mode app. Unfortunately, the remote Top Menu button access is not possible in this implementation of BD-J.

We recommend that when using DSA Indie (BD-J) to author a BD project, the designer of the project should provide on screen Main Menu (Top Menu) Graphic Buttons where needed to provide the end-user the ability to access the Main Menu play list at anytime while navigating the disc. In most cases this button option is provided in the PopUp menu block(s). Providing this / these button options is desirable as users of Blu-ray discs are familiar with only using on screen navigation options.

Best regards, Rob

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