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FAQ's of Sony Creative Software Announces Acquisition of NetBlender

Hi Everyone,


   Please feel free to ask us any questions you have Sony Creative Software Announces Acquisition of NetBlender.





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As I heard, DoStudio 2.5 will be released first! ;)


Can anyone give us an update? It seems that for now, SCS is just selling DoStudio with a new icon and no updates have been announced. Is that correct?

I'll be doing a BD title soon and basically want to know if I should go ahead as-is or wait for a new version before sending it off for replication.

Oops - just saw: ver2.5 details here:

Hi there Denny

My name is Andre, i am desperately looking for help regarding Blu_ray Authoring. What is the best Package to buy, our company is going that route and i am running out of time.

Any advise will be very much appreciated.


Andre SA

Hi Andre,

What type of Blu-rays are you planning to author for what type of client?

What is your budget?



Hi there Sandro

Thank you so much for the reply. We are doing for clients in the Video Entertainment Industry we do all their DVD Auhtoring as well as Replication of there discs , the type of product that they are looking for is titles like Fantastic 4 Blu-Ray Authoring, Gnomeo and Juliet. The are done pretty good, for example they have the main menu motion with a back video playing, then if you go to scene select the scenes pop up on the top of the main page, if you go to Audio set up there is a column that pops up with a block that give you choices to pick. So this is done very good not static pages at all very motion inter active. This is where we want to be for their Authoring. Budget at this stage is open for negotiations as our Company has to go that route and very fast. We have to produce our first Blu-ray Disc for Replications in the next 6 weeks. I need guidance and Advice as to what will be the best for us, we wont be doing 3D movies as yet.

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