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FAQ's of Sony Creative Software Announces Acquisition of NetBlender

Hi Everyone,


   Please feel free to ask us any questions you have Sony Creative Software Announces Acquisition of NetBlender.





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I agree....this is not good news for Do Studio users or indy production houses.  Just speculating but I'm fairly certain Sony's intent is to bury Do Studio. 

Hello Netblender/Sony,

are there any plans to reveal progress, plans and roadmaps after the acquisition of Sony to the community?



It does seem to have gone rather quiet from the NetBlender end on responding to any of these fears and worries expressed here...

From my experience with these things, we won't know anything until after it happens.  And, that could be tomorrow or a year from now.


(One place I worked was 'bought' by another like place (Blue Cross of Texas / Blue Cross of Illinois).  After a year and a half, we, the buyes had been told nothing.  We were falling behind with software updates because our management 'didn't know what was going to happen'.  As I didn't want to move to Chicago, I looked around and was lucky to find another job.  It was another year before anything 'happened'.  The people in Texas are still here.  I left there 11 years ago.)


There haven't been any bug fixes in 8 months.  I don't expect any now or a new version until Sony decides what to do with DSA.  (It is likely the purchase was in the 'mill' for some time, hence no updates.)


Paul Masters

I'm a little surprised that there's still nothing about this over at the Sony Creative site. Maybe their plans are for the new year?...

Here's an article that might make everyone breath easier:

A guarded "woot."  8^|

Hello everybody,

are there any news to share about the acquisition?

The twitter account @netblender doesn't seem to be related to company topics or Blu-ray matters.

Would be nice to hear an official update, but I guess that's a dream with 'the corporation'.



Sandro, last communication I had with Denny was last week, and he was working on some outstanding bugs, so I guess it really is business as usual for right now.

Hi Everyone,

  It is business as usual: we are taking your Feature 3.0 request seriously, supporting DSA/DSE and being as responsive as  we have in the past.



I wish Ning had a "Like" button...

BUMP... so here we are - it's Q2/2012, NAB is over, Sony fires 10.000 employees, but yeah 3.0 is coming soon, just stay tuned...

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