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FAQ's of Sony Creative Software Announces Acquisition of NetBlender

Hi Everyone,


   Please feel free to ask us any questions you have Sony Creative Software Announces Acquisition of NetBlender.





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What The !!! and on my Birthday too

So how does it work for those who purchased the lifetime version you offered a couple of years back?




Ah...Tony... so it's your fault!  (Just kidding!) 

PS.  Happy birthday!



Is DoStudio going to be absorbed into Sony DVD Architect in the long term?

It seems surprising that the company will be selling the most affordable professional  BD authoring software (DSA) and also what I believe is the most expensive (Blu print). I'm surprised that they will be selling 3 authoring tools.

Are there any major changes planned for DoStudio as a result of this? Any updates, enhancements you can tell us about?


I hope Sony isn't just trying to slowly kill off the only inexpensive alternative to Blu Print and Scenarist!
Will this affect the relationship between DoStudio and the DVDLogic products?
It looks like the end of Netblender. If Sony didn't have BluPrint, it would be similar to the acquisition of Spruce's DVDMaestro by Apple years ago. The catch is, though, Sony does have a pro BD authoring suite. I doubt Netblender will be used to enhance Architect. It's gonna be a slow kill, I'm afraid....
No good news for me! This is the worst case scenario!
One of the biggest advantage was that Netblender has provided a professional authoring tool from an independent company for independent producers! This will end with SONY's aquisition! SONY will slowly kill Netblenders DSA & maybe integrate some workflow routines in its own products! Expect it!
Maybe DVD Architect will going to be more professional but without the ability to export CMF masters!
Hopefully I'm not right with my expectation! ;)

Denny, I think what everyone is saying here (in typical "sky is falling" internet fashion) is that they would really really like to know how this affects DSA and its future development and strategy going forward.


And I, for one, would like to know if you'll be sticking around. While it sometimes felt like your small team was biting off a little more than it could chew, you guys were some of the nicest, most responsive developers I've ever worked with, and I'd hate to see that end just because you guys got swallowed up by a moderately dysfunctional corporate behemoth. (I know your announcement says you are, but... yeah.)


Also, as a video professional I'm still a little shell shocked by the giant kick in the 'nads that was FInal Cut Studio X, so anything you can say here to assuage our fears would be most appreciated.


Oh, and I hope you got a nice payday. :)

Hi everyone,

   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!  I'll try and answer some of the questions in this first round, but please keep asking questions.

   If you have a license for DSA/DSE nothing changes.  There  no major plans yet for DSA or DSE and this includes pricing. Everyone here is very interested to here what your DSA 3.0 feature requests are, pleases voice those feature requests here:

    Justin did a great job at pointing out the age old question: What does this mean for me?  Well it means you are still the voice of DoStudio. Everyone has always been the voice of DSA!





When I saw this announcement on DVD List my initial reaction was probably much the same as others - the cynic in me was "Oh well! Sony have bought it to kill it". Course not that this means you can't keep using it to produce Blu rays. Apple have effectively killed DVD Studio Pro but I am still happily creating DVDs for clients

Then the optimist in me thought about and in some ways it kind of makes sense for Sony. They NEED folks creating replicatable Blu Rays to feed their machine. DoStudio represents a more cost effective path to independents than either Scenarist and Blu Print. 

So it could well be a good thing...

Let's hope.

First of all I'm happy for you at NetBlender!

Also I'd like me and my company be bought by Sony... ;-)


Jokes apart I think this is virtually a great news for all of us.

Essentially more money and motivations to develop a better software.

My personal opinion is that Sony has moved too late to "help" Blu-Ray world.

I really hope this acquisition won't kill DSA...


p.s. Happy birthday Tony.

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