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I have a film where the audio track is mono, the client has asked for it to be a single channel LPCM instead of the DUAL MONO configuration.

The software I encode the Prores master files to  H264 Bluray files does not allow me to export the audio in mono using the Bluray settings, I thought no problems I've just export an umcompressed 48k 16bit mono wave file and import it into dostudio.

Export went fine, multiplex all good, listening back on a software player and hardware player not so good, generally no audio at all or bursts of audio mainly distorted. Checked the exported mono audio file in AUDACITY and it plays and sounds fine.

I suggested going down the DTS center channel route, they insist on the LPCM route to maintain maximum compatibility with any old old Bluray players out there.

Does DoStudio accept single channel audio? 

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Matt, I tested this myself and I also didn't get any audio playback when only using one .wav channel in the Multi-channel audio stream of the segment. When I added a second stream to the configuration either a left and right .wav file or a left and left .wav file (same stream used twice), the audio playback did come through and sounded fine.

I suspect that DSA doesn't allow only a single audio (.wav, pcm) stream to be used when using the Multichannel configuration audio stream.

Hope this helps, Rob

Thank Rob, I didn't use the multichannel configuration when adding the mono file thinking that would give me the same result as if I used the DTS -HD encoder to produce a DTS 1.0 file.

I added the mono file by using "add audio" selection.

It looks like Dostudio can't handle Mono LPCM files.



I found this a few years ago and ended up encoding the audio track as DTS HD MA. That goes through DoStudio fine (although in this particular case we ended up using Scenarist BD for the final disc).

Matt, for maximum compliance/compatibility with old players & legacy connections you will be far, far better off avoiding LPCM altogether & using codec based audio.

DTS-HD MA is one option, but be very aware of the issues of using DTS-HD MA in 7.1 systems as there is a very good chance of channel expansion biting you in the gluteus maximus.

Dolby True HD is the other, but be aware the encoder tools are Mac only.

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