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Hi All.

Can someone please explain to me the difference between SHA1 and SDHA256, and why the factory would choose to use SHA256 - and for what reasons?

All I can find is information that SHA1 is deprecated, and SHA256 is part of SHA2.

What does this mean for playability in BD-J projects, and is there anything I can do to control what type of hashing is used?

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It's just a checksum value to guarantee data was successfully transferred from the Authoring House to the Replicator. With our Replicator, they give you the option to use MD5 or CRC32. SHA256 is becoming more common checksum in other applications like DCPs. Haven't yet been asked to do so for a replicator. If you have a MAC you can generate this in the Terminal. I do it more so for Md5s. Below is a link show you how and which methods to use.

I normally use MD5 myself.

The problem is that we did 2 projects in exactly the same way to replication, but one will not play on a PS3.

Sony say this is because PS3 does not support (and there are nop plans to support it at all) SHA256.

What I do not really understand is who added these and when, as I am pretty certain it was not me. So it must have been something the factory did as Sony have told us to take it up with the manufacturers. It is strange that they are refusing to modify firmware to allow this though, as it means that as SHA1 is now deprecated, this will presumably start to cause more & more problems with these old consoles.

Apologies for the dumb questions.......but the disc in question simply will not load on PS3 & Xbox 1 which is frustrating, although it is fine on PS4 and almost all set top players (we have found 3 Sony set tops it does not load on either)

It's a BD-J project if that makes any difference and thank you so much for the help

Have you burned a Non-AACS check discs from your authoring station and played them back on a PS3 or XBox?

Out of curiosity, how many mb is your Image Buffer? Is pretty it low like 1.5mb or 2mb?

You cannot do that - PS3 and Xbox 1 will not allow playback of written discs because of so-called "piracy".

Image buffer extremely low. All graphics are Java drawn (this is not a DSA project - I was simply asking if anyone knew where SHA256 algorithms are added)

PS3 and Xbox will play a burned disc if that disc comes from DSA.  Other authoring tools well they do things differently. 

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