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Retail Blu-ray with multiple frame-rate for Australia, any real world problems?

I'm currently working on a 2 disc Blu-ray package destined for release mainly in Australia. The supplied element are a mixed bag of 23.976, 24, 25 and 29.976 (all 1080), while the BD spec allows you to mix the various frame rate 23P/24P/25i/29i on the same disc I'm wondering what the returns might be in the real world.
The feature is 24P so I'll be frame-rate converting all 23.976 to 24, the client would prefer all the interviews to remain at 25fps so the they don't sound like they have caught a cold as they do when converted to 24fps, and as I'm already mixing frame-rate I would prefer to leave the 29.976 extras running at 29 to avoid any motion blur you will get with standards conversion.
While 23P and 24P are universally safe, 25i should be safe in Australia but I'm not to sure on 29i down under.

Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.


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There's no problem with this that I know of. 

In the BD spec, it's mandatory for all players to support the NTSC-centric frame rates. Only the PAL-centric ones were optional (but mandatory in those regions).

In Europe, to gain the HDTV logo, displays need to support HD at both 50 and 60hz. I imagine that even if there's no regulatory rule saying the same is true in Australia, it'll be the case anyway because CE manufacturers will have had to develop a 50/60hz capable TV for sale in Europe. Plus... all HD games consoles are 60hz all over the world, so a TV manufacturer would be insane to sell a TV in Australia that didn't work with those.

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