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I am using the 'Resume to Time in Playlist'-function and it works in general - but before it resumes to the correct time it displays 1-2 second the beginning of the movie.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


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Here's what I did and it appears to work although I have not done extensive testing. It requires V2 of course.

Create an APRM, I called it Return.
Create an APRM, I called it Selected.

Somewhere, depending on your project requirements set Selected so you know which playlist you are playing that you allow the viewer to 'leave and return' (set a bookmark). (That might be on the menu button Enter for the selection, or at the Start of the playlist or somewhere else depending on your needs.)
This is required because you 'return' to a playlist not a chapter.

In the Enter key for the pop up menu button(s) which jump away from the item you want to return to:
Under Title Playback Actions, select Set Resume Point for PlayList
Set APRM Return to Yes.
Clear the Menu Block from screen.
Go where you wish.
(The above could be on a color key - but not while in a menu I suppose.)

When you want to return:
Using a condition, if APRM Return = Yes then check the 'where I came from" APRM (Selcted in my case) to know which playlist to return to and do so with the action Play PlayList = yours (This may require multiple conditions depending on how many different playlists you can return to.)
If the APRM Return is not Yes, then continue as normal.

In my case the viewer has jumped to a credits screen where I check APRM Return and if Yes, show a menu with only one button (Return) on it. (The credit 'page' loops.) If not, a menu with Next, Prev, Menu buttons are shown becuse they got here from a different place.

The Return button enter has the following:
Clear Menu Blocks from screen
and then a number of conditions - here is one of them:
If Selected = 10
Play PlayList ( PlayList Name = Composition Order )
(There are a number of these because there are a number of places where the 'Return' menu is used. In this case I don't have to check the APRM Return because I already know that's what I want to do. But if you do it at the end of a clip, you have to check APRM Return to know whether to return or go the normal way. Warning! You must use ANDs. Checking for Return = No (or not Yes) and having a play action won't work. All conditions/actions are performed - there is no way to skip ones you don't want except by using ANDs and ORs. (I have requested an Exit action but that hasn't been done.))

At the Start point of each playlist you may return to have a condition - example:
If Return = Yes
Set Advanced Parameter ( APRM = Return, Value = No )
Resume to Time in Playlist - Beta

(Resume to Time in Playlist is under Title Playback Actions.)

Of course, the important thing is to be sure that the viewer isn't confused. As you might see, this could happen if the viewer, while watching the item exits that clip with out going through the 'when you want to return' above. What will happen if they again play the to be returned to playlist? Yes, they will jump to the return point and not start at the beginning. (Of course, you could set Return to No at the menu or elsewhere, but there are other ways for the viewer to end up at the start of that playlist.)
You do that by placing the 'when you want to return' items discussed above where the viewer can't by pass them. The only place is the playlist End. Chapters can be bypassed, that is the actions will not be performed in some cases. To stop that you turn off nearly all the 'Disable User Operations' for the playlist. (That unfortunately won't stop all possible actions that the viewer can take. NetBlender has deemed that some are advanced and are only part of the EX version - which if you have then you are OK. But if you only have the INDIE version you can't stop such things as jumping to a chapter number or a specific time using the remote.
I have requested that they allow all available operations that relate to playing a disc (not 3D or BDJ related of course) in INDIE, but as of now that's the way it is.)

Hope this lengthy reply helps.

Paul Masters


I'm having problems with this function and can't seem to figure it out. Pretty sure it's the APRM verbiage.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Brad L

Hi Brad,

Responding to your question here to provide feedback for others.

For DoStudio Indie users.

When using DSA Indie, the trick is to make sure the "Set Resume Point..." command is placed in the menu BUTTON that is used to play a new playlist (Bonus PL) from the current playing playlist (Feature PL). Then, in the START action of the Feature playlist add the command "Resume To Time..."

Hope this helps,


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