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Resume only works with CallTitle in a Button but not with Top Menu Button on Remote Control (HDMV / EX)


I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong in my project because resume on my disc only works with CallTitle in a button but not with 'Top Menu Button' on Remote Control.

'CallTitle' is calling the same Title as I have set in 'Top menu title' in the 'Blu-ray title Setup' and I have the 'Resume Intention Flag' (which is now called 'suspend resume' - this is VERY confusing by the way) set to true in my movieobject for the movie and also tried my luck with disabling itfor the Top menu Title movieobject - nothing changed.

I have asked this before but since I am doing exactly what Philippe says I have no clue what my mistake could be.

Maybe someone has an idea?

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Hello Jan, For the Resume information to be used and saved you must use the command CallTitle in a button. The JumpTitle command does not hold / save Resume information.

I believe that the Top Menu button on a remote control is hard coded as JumpTitle.

DSA Support

If you have the Resume Intention Flag set to Suspended, then cycling between TopMenu and the movie should resume. Can we see the code in your TopMenu MovieObject?

I'm not using DoStudio (I'm on Scenarist HDMV) and when I author discs this way, I can resume between the top menu and the feature. But keep in mind that different players implement this in different ways: on some players, pressing TOP MENU button while in the movie goes to the menu, then pressing it again while already in the movie actually executes a Resume command. On some software players, pressing TOP MENU always calls the Top Menu, even if you're already in it.

We have noticed some strange behaviour. When we jump to the Top Menu Title (we have setup Title 2 for this in 'Blu-ray title setup') we end up in Title 0! What could have gone wrong? I looked at some older Discs and couldn't see this behaviour there.

Is Title 0 something that DSA makes up? Creating a duplicate of the Top Menu (because it looks and behaves just like Title 2 - but Total Media Theatre and Hardware Player show definately Title 0!)?

Maybe this is causing the resume function to be broken with the button?

Okay, I read across the web and tested myself that Title 0 is always the Top Menu Title. So I am using that now for my CallTitle commands. It seems though that the Title 0 has fixed attributes for resume, seekabality etc. or at least for seeking since resume is functioning when calling Title 0.

So is the command which is executed when pressing 'TopMenu' hardcoded in DoStudio or in every Soft- and Hardware player?

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