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I'm trying to restore an old project. But when I compile, I get the message: "The audio clip can not find the sound file E:Projectsray Projects.wav. Please fix this." Anyone run across this? I don't know what this is or how to restore my job without it.  Any ideas appreciated.


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Sounds like the file it's talking about no longer exists?

Yeah - but I can't even figure out where it goes. Everything seems to be in place, but this "missing" file is preventing the compile. I guess I'll test each audio file to make sure they're not corrupt.

Is this DO Indie or EX? Is your project using button sounds?

You also open your playlist.dopl in a text editor and search for that .wav file so you can see where/how it was used.

I'm using Indie, and it does have some button sounds. Thanks for these tips! I'll try them.

Since it's Indie, look in the Disc Information Tab under Files and Groups, thats where button audio lives. Since you cannot restore your project look in the .dopl file or create an empty .wav with the name of the missing file at the path location and then, once the project opens, you can look where that file was used. 

That was it! I just navigated to the new location of the button sound file, and all is well.

What threw me was the name of the missing file listed in Compile: Projectsray Projects.wav. My button file is called ButtonSFX.wav

Thanks Peter!

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