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Hope someone can help. Have been merrily building a project in DoStudio 3. All ready to do final AACS build and this morning DoStudio 3 is telling me it is corrupted and needs reinstalling... I would do that but if you go on not so Smart Support the only version that appears to be available is V4... I don't do enough projects to justify upgrading for the seemingly small incremental changes.

Is the download for versioon 3 still available anywhere?

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Hello Steve,

Of course the installers for DSA 3.0 are still available, from the DSA Smart Support tool.

Follow this path. From the Downloads TAB > archive > sony_creative_software_releases > dostudioauthoring3.0.85b.exe
for example.

You may also need to follow these steps.

You may need to uninstall the application fully.

Go to this location on your system: C:\ProgramData\Sony\DoStudio\

Delete all files and folders.

Re-install the applications and register (using your DSA 3.0 serial number) and activate.

Hope this helps.


I just had the same problem, and did all the steps above.

However, after re-install, DOSTUDIO couldn't find IDGEDIT.

Found the new version on SmartSupport, downloaded, and installed.

Now works fine.

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