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I have what is probably a mind numbingly simple problem, but I am totally stumped.

I'm authoring a Blu-ray in DoStudio version 3.  Video with stereo (track 1) and surround (track 2) audio. I have a menu that buttons that say "play with stereo" or "play with surround". There is a Menu playlist, there is a feature playlist. 

I've authored this disc 3 unique times and get the same result.  

When the user pushes the stereo button, I set an APRM = 0 (also the default value), when they push the surround button, I set the APRM = 1.  This is the only place this assignment happens.

at the beginning of the menu playlist, i have an if/then comparison - if APRM = 0, highlight stereo button, else if APRM = 1, highlight surround button.  This is the ONLY place this comparison happens.

at the end of the feature, the disc jumps back to the menu playlist, it runs the comparison and the appropriate audio track button highlighted.

I have the disc programmed so that when the user pushes the pop-up button, the disc jumps to the menu playlist. HOWEVER this time, the wrong button gets highlighted.  It's always the top button (stereo).  I've switched the programming to jump to the end of the feature, and I get the same wrong result, even though when I play through to the end of the feature without pushing the pop up button, the correct button is highlighted.

How is it that I get two different responses using the same if/then statement and nothing else is changing?

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Put the APRM=0 / APRM=1 comparison on the "OnOpen" of your popup menu. This way the menu(s) will always check the APRM value. This should solve the problem.

Do you have 2 separate menus?

Send me your comparison code if you want and I'll have a look at it.


Sorry I meant "On Show" not OnOpen.

StereoButton (highlight if APRM=0)

SurroundButton (highlight if APRM=1)

There is more than one way of doing this.

first method:

Select the "Menu Elements" tab

Select the "StereoButton"

In the control panel window Select from the "Sticky Group" dropdown "Audio Track"

Do the same for the "SurroundButton"

Second method:

This method checks the APRM value every time the menu is opened and forces the correct highlight.

Right-click the "On Show" (of your popup menu)

Select "Add condition"

1. In the Control Panel select "Statements"

2. In the "Field dropdown select your "APRM"

3. Enter "0" in the "Compare With" value

4. Save the statement

5. Select the "Actions" tab and choose "Display Actions" > "Button Actions" > "Set Button As Selected" then choose the button to receive focus for APRM=0.

Now add an "else if" to your condition and repeat steps 1-5 for APRM=1

Click on the "Condition Details" tab. Your finished condition should look something like this.



    Set Button As Selected (Focus Button = StereoButton)

Else If MyAPRM=1


    Set Button As Selected (Focus Button = SurroundButton)

Hope this helps,


Strangely enough, that did not work.

the sticky button method did not work either.

is it a software bug?

At the end of the feature, the comparison works perfectly, using both the APRM compare as well as the sticky button method.  How bizarre!

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