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Hey all!

I am having a problem with using GPRs in menu jumps - so when I playback my test disc it won't select any button at first when using this command for the default selected button in the first page of my main menu (which is has set autoactivated to 'true'):

SetButtonPage Button:[10] Page(Effect:Off):[11]

I have initiated those GPRs in the FirstPlay Title with:

Move [11] 0 // Page Initial
Move [10] 2 // Button Initital

and when the main menu loop restarts with:

Move [11] {MenuPage(11)}
Move [10] {SelectedButton(10)}

But not even after restarting the loop I am getting a selected button. When not using [xx] in my menu jumps everythign works fine but this is just not as elegant as using GPRs in those jumps since it would involve dozens of If [xx] == y goto lines.

When playing back the disc with TotalMediaTheatre everything works as expected. But neither Sony BDP nor PS3 nor a LG hardware player is accepting the usage of my GPRs.

Is this something that is not Bluray-conform scripting?

Kind regards,


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Hey Jan,
Are you trying to jump to a button within the same page?
I'm not a DoStudio user but a Scenarist one, the manual for this explains that in BD you shouldn't specify the page if you are jumping to a button within the same page. Some players are programmed to correct for the error but not all.

So your code should be

SetButtonPage Button:[10] with the page not specified.

Hi Jan,

I can confirm that, in theory, your approach works 100 per cent fine on both hard- and software players (with PS3, LG, Sony etc.). So, there must be something wrong with your GPRs or syntax etc.

For example:

Move [11] 0 // Page Initial

Are you sure your first menu page is 0?

Your line:

SetButtonPage Button:[10] Page(Effect:Off):[11]

is correct because, I assume, you have an empty init bog, so with this command you are jumping to a different button AND page to start your menu loop. But, as said before, then your page ID isn't 0.

It's difficult to troubleshoot what's wrong there without seeing your Dostudio project and IG file. If you continue having issues feel free to attach your project (or a sample if you cannot post your original project file) and I'll have a look.

Once you have the hang of it, it works 100 per cent rock solid on every player out there.

You were totally right! I totally forgot about that - thanks for your solutions!

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