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I have a problem with DSA. In our company we have 2 licenses. Project was made on one computer, and all assets and files are in network drive. Only output disc folder was on his local drive. And everything work just fine.

When I opened project on my comp, i change output disc folder to my local. 

And I cant validate it becouse of this alert

"Please only compile to a drive that is NTFS formated drive"

All my discs are NTFS and I try all. No effect.

Does everyone has same problem? How to fix that?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Piotr,

The message you are receiving may not be fully accurate.

Please make sure you have full Admin permissions for all internal HDD and Network HDD on the system you are trying to Compile on.

Are you able to create a brand new small test project on your system and Compile fully? With all assets on your local system, create a project with only one Segment using one video stream and one Playlist.


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