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Here's the problem.

I am working with the (incorrect?) information that the organization number should be the same for all titles we author, and that further this can only be edited from the default in either Indie or Mixed mode of authoring (it is greyed out on EX mode). Further, I am also under the impression that it is a bad idea to use Mixed Mode (why?).

This gets me a conundrum - I have to use either Inde or Mixed modes to edit this, yet I need BD-J menu capability - and it is a bad plan to use mixed mode in the first place.

So what to do? Any suggestions gratefully looked at

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Hi Neil.

We need to understand what you are trying to accomplish... If you author an indie project, there is no problem adding you 'own' organization ID. If you are authoring an EX project I am not sure what the purpose would be to set the org ID, but there is a way: change the project to mixed mode, enter your org ID, save and then switch back to EX mode.

The project modes generally do not delete data, they just hide the data in order to allow users to work in one style without mixing elements that do not belong or are not compatible with the used authoring style. So fee free to switch back and forth if you need to enter information that is not available.

Regarding the mixed mode, it is not recommended if you only need Indie or EX. The reason for this is that you are adding the default bd-j menu and bd-touch functionality and probably it is not what you were planning?

Therefore this mode is really meant for mixing EX HDMV content (titles) with BD-J content. 



Thanks Peter.

I want BD-J mode for menus (so EX) but not BD Touch.

I just want to use the same organization number across all projects we send for replication really - no other reason.

Hi Neil.

If you do not care about BDTouch just do not add any content. The resulting BD-Touch application will only use the minimal functionality (remote control) and will not affect anything else! There is not way to turn it off, but the presence will not affect the disc.

But I must ask as I am still not clear......excuse me!

When you say "I want BD-J mode for menus (so EX) but not BD Touch." ....what do you mean by "(so EX)"?

Indie use BD-J menus. EX uses HDMV menus (done with the IG Editor). 

If you author in EX mode there is no point in adding your org ID. If you work in Indie you can add your own org ID.

As far as I know the ORG ID is used for managed copy (but is not mandatory as managed copy could work also without it and managed copy is AFAIK still in limbo) and is used for BD live java applications and for binding content from the virtual file system to the binding unit data area, which in DAS you can only author with your own java applications.

But to get back to your original request, if you want to use the same ORG ID for EX or Indie project you can use the above mentioned workaround for Ex(switch the project mode, update the value and switch back) and for Indie just enter the ORG ID in the UI field.



Ah - sorry. my mistake (typo) as not using HDMV menus.

I shall leave it in Mixed Mode and let the Java boys handle that side of things.....

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