Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

We currently use the Bd-J version of DoStudio and have an upcoming project which has the potential of busting the menu buffer ... so just wondering if the collective here has any thoughts etc

It's a Japanese film which we will be creating for the UK, German and Italian market as one disc

So the idea is on the front end we have a menu option pop up that gives a choice of UK German Italian and dependent on choice it takes you to the appropriate language menu.

Now we can track this choice but my biggest concern is the potential of busting the menu buffer.

there is no way of only loading one iteration of a menu (say German) as far as I know - rather this choice would be made due to the tracking created at the front end.

Barring designing the menu in such a way that it isn't too graphics heavy (and the chapters submenu can be common) is there another way of implementing this?

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In Dostudio with BD-J I don't think you can do it any other way. With HDMV it is very easy.  However, I doubt you'd run into buffer problems with three menu language "clones" unless you've gone all out with your graphics.

That's what I figured - out of interest in the HDMV version does the menu buffer get emptied on each menu or do the load separately or some such?

You'd create different playlists from your assets (won't increase disc size) and assign different language menus. So, yes, they load separately and each menu/popup can have the full 16MB buffer as they're completely independent from each other.

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