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So how will DoStudio Handle managed copy. I know we can already add the ISAN etc, but will Netblender be offering an authorisation server subscription service or similar to help smaller independent distributors comply with the new rules from 2nd quarter 2010

Im already getting questions from my clients.



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Hi Tony,

We are investigating all possible options for managed copy and are closely watching what happens in December as there should be a lot of decisions made at that time. Those decisions about Managed Copy will affect our options.

We are also working on a new Wikipaper Managed Copy for Independents which outlines all the rules, licenses, and possible options. We hope will be ready by December if not sooner. However, Managed Copy is still a moving target as far as who 'must' implement 'what' that we do not want to publish anything till it is 100% confirmed.


I'm wondering what does it exactly mean that Managed copy is required on every disc. In other words - what happens if the disc replicated after 5th December 2009, has no URL for managed copy included?


The consensus from our research, conversations with our customers and reading the DVDList (if you don't subscribe to that, you should and then search the archive on the term "AACS & ISAN") is that the replicator will reject your project and require you to add the ISAN number and managed copy URL before they will replicate it. Here's how Denny put it in the DVDList thread:

according to the AACS LA they will not create a Stamper for replication if the disc does not have manged copy on it. I'd check with your replicators to see if they are responsible for getting the Stamper from AACS LA. If they are not they might not know about this new requirement.

Check out our Understanding Blu-ray Managed Copy Requirements wikipaper for more.

kszych said:
I'm wondering what does it exactly mean that Managed copy is required on every disc. In other words - what happens if the disc replicated after 5th December 2009, has no URL for managed copy included?


So do we include the word ISAN or just paste in the number. the pdf I received from ISAN seems to have the word as part of it, but not sure.

Hello everybody,

what i don´t understand:

last week, i give 2 master to two different replication facilitys. I haven´t got an ISAN Number and don´t have choose the managed copy function. Both disc are now replicated without "Managed Copy", and they work fine. Also, both replicators
haven´t got any information about "Managed Copy". So today my 3rd master go to facility, without any "Managed Copy" Information.

Can anybody explain the circumstanses about this issue. I mean, why should i or my customers pay for this Option, when nobody knows why.

I do not wan´t offend anybody, but i wan´t to know:

Is Managed Copy an option or must it be done?

Is there a time window for replicators to change to this options and how long is this time window?

And when there is no time window why do i get my discs replicated without managed copy?
Sony have told some of my clients that they will be enforcing the ISAN rule from February
Gerd, I think most BD production folks agree that this seems like a really silly bunch of hoops to jump through, purely for the sake of a vaporware standard that may never even come to be.

That said, AACS has decided we must, and therefore we must; little studios are in no position to argue. If anything, I'm really grateful to NetBlender for at least trying to make it easy for us. A friend of mine at a bigger production house was banging her head against the wall for weeks trying to figure out all this nonsense.
Im not putting in any Managed copy URL, just the ISAN. This seems to be all Sony are interested in right now.

My statement wasn´t against anybody at Netblender. I am happy for the solution they offer to us. Nevertheless it is a nonsens procedure. I had maied my post direct to Denny and Greg because i don´t wanted to offend anybody at NetBlender. Denny give me an answer that is satisfied for this times but can go to new trouble in the future.

It seems to be, that at this time only the Eclipse Data Verfication tool obtain the new rules. I know some of the german replication facilitys and they use the VIPER Software for the premastering. I have phoned this morning with some replicators and at this time, they VIPER verification tool works without the ISAN. I think its only a matter of time till they also work with the new rules but they granted to me, that the next 4 weeks nothing will happen.

So AACS make new rules but they do not wan´t to offend the replacators who have signed the new rules but not obtain it. This behaviour causes troubles for us independent producers. Only my sight of things.
Hi gerd,

Managed copy is a non sense, like aacs. You don't need it, but you have to pay to put it.

Normally from the last 4 december you have to put a valid isan and as option a valid server url (you can have your own). If you not put the url, the player try to connect to the aacs default one.

Nobody explain where to use managed copy in authoring, like css in sd. And nobody goes to see the default options.

Do you know that the server from aacs are not ready and not working !!! just for the joke.
Do you know that actual player not know how to deal with managed copy !!

It's was better with HD DVD.

They greatest joke of all is the following:

The Labels who have signed the content provider agreement have also signed a passus that will make discs not playable after 2011..........

No Joke.
I have to say I'm confused by all this. I have shipped off 2 masters for replication in the last month without receiving any information regarding this new issue, the facility pressed the discs without needing any ISAN or managed copy links. I don't know what is required by me and what is required by our customers anymore. From what I can gather it seems like we now need to input an ISAN number on each disc we compile. If this is the case, our company has to purchase an ISAN number to enter for each disc, is this correct? I was under the impression that this was the customers in cooperation with the replication facility responsibility and not ours. Also, is the link mentioned for managed copy required or optional? If required, is this the solution that NetBlender is offering?


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