Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

I found this promising tiny tool at DVD Logic website:

"IG Emulator has been updated to version 1.0.9. The update includes additional command line mode for future interaction with our BD Author software. New build version is available for download from here... IG Emulator allows you to instantly preview and test your menu files coming from IG Editor before bringing them into your authoring application."

There is no extra site for the tool, but a download link to get the test version. It seems one needs to contact Valery for pricing.

The tool seems to close the gap and let you emulate the menus & functionalities before compiling the whole disc.


This is for information purpose only. I'm not payed or associated to DVDlogic software in any way.
Just wanted to share this valuable information. Hope it helps!

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Andreas, you may also want to review this IGemulator tool.

Regards, Rob

Hi Rob,

I was not aware that someone has already posted a way earlier about it.

I didn't want double post on the same topic. Sorry!

I have asked for a license and will share my experience.

Just wanted to point out that DVD logic gives 25 % discount on bluray tools from dec 11th .


Hi Andreas, These may be different tools? The link I posted to you is from a blog post of a DSA user who developed a IGemulator tool for sale.


It's definitely the same tool.
AFAIK it has been developed initially by DVD logic for a german authoring house.

Hi Andreas,

It's the same tool. It's a "joint effort" by Valery and us. Yes, there is a December special with reduced price.

Happy to hear your thoughts and comments on it once you've used it.


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