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In dsa 3d

is it possible to change the order of base view file?

if right file is base view then how to change rendering order?


if so then how?

thx in advance

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Just to confirm, you are talking about the base and dependent 3D video streams and are looking for a way to invert the left and right eye?

If that is the case, the only way is to re-encode the video and invert the left and right eye source file in the encoder. 

Once the base and depended are encoded as separate files, you cannot invert their order. Base and dependent video are very different, as seen for example in their file-size.

If my guess was not correct, please let me know and possible provide more details.



thx for ur reply

first of all understand me plz for my bad english



in my question

i meant

as like scenarist BD 3D

when muxing user can select which is the base view file

as u know when u see 3D bluray movie some movie need to change viiew order


this is very important option  to play video in movie player such like powerdvd and total media

if 3D movie  has subtitle which it has offset value

when muxing if this value(order of base view) is not correct

then conflict happen main video file and subtitle in express subtitle depth


as my though

in dsa3d has only can adjust value of subtitles depth as like +10

if main movie  right view based one then we input -10

but if play this movie after finishing muxing

in power dvd playing correctly but total media wrong 


avoid this happning we need to change rendering order of eye of main video clip

not change of subtitles offset value


so i wonder if dsa3d has this option as like scenaristbd3D




Hello YK,

Thanks for providing more detail, but your description is still very confusing to us.

Can you provide a screen shot of the setting in Scenarist BD that you claim will allow you to pick either the encoded Base or Dependent MVC stream to act as the Base view?

Normally this is not possible as the encoded Base MVC file can only be used as the Base file on import into the authoring application. As we stated before, the Base and Dependent MVC streams are very different and can not be interchanged in the authoring application.

Did you test your fully muxed project in a 3D BD hardware player? Only using 3D BD software players is not recommended as they are not fully BD compliant at times.

If you need to change the view order, meaning that you would like the Right eye video file to be the Base encoded MVC file instead of the Left eye video file, (making the Left eye video file the Dependent MVC file) you must make this decision when you are encoding the MVC files, not after you have encoded them.

We hope this helps,

DSA Support

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