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Can someone from support please help me.  I've uploaded the first of two disc images to Cinram for BD25 replication and the first image failed BDA verification.  Attached is the error report.

I'm using Ver 2.6 Build 2.6.6


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Hi Ari, You should do a full re-compile / Format of the BD project in DSA and resend the BDCMF files to Cinram. The ones they verified are corrupted.


DoStudio Support

thank you for your response
so is it fair to say that something in the upload process corrupted my files?
it took 25 hours to upload the files, and there was a lot of data fluctuation throughout the time period

Ari, That would do it I think. You should send a media disc or a HDD of the BDCMF files.


We are of like minds on that.  Thanks again.

Turns out the replacement images failed too.  Now this is becoming an urgent matter. I sent my phone number through the smart support.  can someone please contact me so we can work through this?


two questions, (1) is there any information in the log viewer that might help me to know if the fix worked or is this simply something that I will find out at the replication verification stage, and (2) if there are missing sequential playlist numbers (1001, 1002, 1004, 1005), will that be problematic or flagged at any stage?

Hi Ari,

#1. No, as I mentioned yesterday you will need to send this project to Cinram for verification.

#2, It should not. Does the project play back for you fine in your QC testing?


(1) that's what i figured, but i just wanted to be sure

(2) yes, it plays fine, but so did the one with the error, I just wanted to be certain.

I had sent messages through the Smart Support, but I never once heard back, so that's why i posted to the forum.  When you responded via the forum, I just continued to contact you this way.

Thanks for your time.

Hey Ari, Send me a email at now if you could please?

Can I ask if the second set was sent via HDD or written media?

We've noticed many, many times with DVD that written media is unreliable, and the issue is worse with BD-R discs. We recently had to make approval discs, and bought the correct discs for the burner (Sony Media) but it would not write at 2X despite both burner & Media being good for that speed. End result was 2 discs written at 4x. Ours worked, the clients simply would not play on his PS3 so we dumped all those we had left & bought different discs from Japan that will write at 2x, and this ended the issue.

Masters (BDCMF & DVD DDP) files we always, always ship on USB Thumb drives with MD5 files created too. It seems to eliminate a lot of potential problems caused by written media.

Finally, we also got sent some assets on BD-R discs - one was fine, the second one told me that there were errors that needed to be corrected (?) yet the files copied to the system here properly. Written discs should be used as sparingly as possible in our experience

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