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Does anyone know if creating chapter markers in FCP X and exporting an XML will import to DoStudio?

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Hi Steve, Yes. See User Manual for details. Page 67 of the most recent.

Importing chapters from a Final Cut Pro XML file
You can import chapter markers created in a Final Cut Pro project into your DoStudio Authoring playlist. For more information about exporting your chapter markers from Final Cut Pro, see "Exporting chapter markers from Final Cut Pro" on page 173.
Right-click the Chapters element in your title, and then click Import Chapters from FCP.
Browse to your XML file from Final Cut Pro and click Open.
The chapter markers exported from Final Cut Pro appear in the chapters list for the title.

Or, you can import a text file. Or, add chapter marks manually.

Thanks, Rob

Hope this helps, Rob

Great. Wasn't sure as up till recently we have imported from FCP 7 XML.

Well, since you mention it is FCP X (10), maybe you/I should text these XML files to make sure. I cant say that I remember doing that lately.

If you wish to attach a sample one, I will be happy to try. Or, let me know what you find.

Sorry I didn't notice the difference originally.


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