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I'm working on my first BD project, and wondered if anybody can help.

I have a main feature with dual English and French audio tracks, and subtitles On/Off options.

My question - How do I set the Main Menu "Play" buttun up? If a user then goes in and changes the audio to French and subtitles to "on" and then goes back to the main "Play" button it will re-set the audio and video back to the settings I have there (which is English audio).

Is there an easy way around this?

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I was referring to the GPRMs I've set up (I don't see how they tie-in with the main play button). See the sample project link above. :)

Is there a video tutorial online anywhere for setting this up?

Hi Marcus,

It all starts at the Button action setting level. Look at the Setup Menu MB and the Setup Audio 3 button (enter key) for example. There are two Set actions that happen when this button option is selected. One of them is setting a APRM value in the player register for the audio stream. It is tracked and used by other if/else conditions through other possibilities like when the Feature Play list is played and the if/else conditions are read at the start. Look under the Start option of the Playlist - Feature Movie.

You should reach out to Steve Kirkham if you need further assistance, as he offered.

Good luck, Rob

I guess my project is a little different to the sample project. Here's what I have:

Main Feature 1 (French on-screen credits)

Audio 1 = English

Audio 2 = French

Subtitle 1 = English (defaults to ON for English audio track, translates French credits)

Subtitle 2 - English (optional, for French audio track)

Main Feature 2

Audio 1 = Spanish

Subtitle 1 = English (optional)

I need some help working out how to get this all set up properly. Anyone who can help, I'd most appreciate hearing from you.

Marc I can still help you but it likely makes more sense to be able to do it face to face. It's very difficult - especially as your project is quite complex as a first project - when you likely don't have a handle on the basics. Unlike DVD Studio Pro in DoStudio you basically have to tell everything what to do, how to act, and then track these actions in order to trigger other actions. Do you have the project on a laptop that you could bring to mine or maybe send me the project setup you have so far and I can look at it? I wouldn't necessarily need the encodes in order to work things out.

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