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I'm working on my first BD project, and wondered if anybody can help.

I have a main feature with dual English and French audio tracks, and subtitles On/Off options.

My question - How do I set the Main Menu "Play" buttun up? If a user then goes in and changes the audio to French and subtitles to "on" and then goes back to the main "Play" button it will re-set the audio and video back to the settings I have there (which is English audio).

Is there an easy way around this?

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Hi Marc,

Which authoring application are you using and which version?


I'm using DoStudio 3.0.8

DSA Indie or EX?

DSA Indie.

Hi Marc,

For DSA Indie>

You need to set APRM values for all your audio and subtitle streams when the user selects them in the Set Up Menu options. Then you can track which ones are set/used using IF/Else conditions in the Feature Playlist when the user selects the PLAY button from the Main Menu.

See this past article:
it may provide some guidance.

Also, you may want to download this DSA Indie sample project which uses the technique described fully.

Good luck,

Thanks Rob. I was just reading about setting Conditions. Is this the same thing?

Yes. You also have to make sure you set the correct APRM Advanced Parameter value for each Audio and Subtitle option when it is selected.

Marc. I have a lot of experience doing this kind of stuff with dual audio and subs etc. I can probably give you guidance.

Thanks Steve, I will call you. Same number?

I've been inspecting the sample project linked to above, and it's starting to make some sense. But what happens if you then go to the chapters and back to the main feature? Will the settings be stored in the player's memory?

And how does the main menu Play button work with no tracks assigned to it?


Within the Menu Elements TAB, In the Main Menu Block, The MM PLAY button has an action to play the Playlist - Feature Movie. This action will be triggered when the end user clicks on the MM Play button on screen.


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