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Hi forum,

99% sure the answer is "it's all OK", but just to be totally sure - people without 96khz capable receivers, upon playing back a DTS HDMA 96khz audio track, will hear a downmixed version, right? They're not going to hear silence? Or do we have to provide an alternative 48khz track?


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Hello David, Correct. BD player or AVR should downmix from DTS HD MA.

Dolby TRUEHD requires a separate core .ac3 file in the authored play list.


Just make sure you do not set the core audio option to DTS 9624 and you will be fine, as you cannot set a downmix and use DTS 9624 core audio.

Users without 96K lossless capability (and this should be almost nobody as long as they are hooked up via HDMI 1.4 or analogue out) will get the 48K core stream.

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