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Hi everyone,


In DSA you can change the layout of the tabs in any way you want. You can even undock them from the main app. Similar to the way Photoshop works. We call this "Perspectives" and it can be found under "Windows" Menu. You can save your layout and set it as the default. You can also save your layout to a file. All of this is found under the "Windows" Menu


There are two questions:

1. Do you have layout preface you use? If so can you reply to this email and included the layout file so we can see how you set up your DSA tabs?

2. Even if you don't use this feature, is there a layout of the tabs that you would rather see as DSA's default layout.




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I've transitioned entirely to HDMV discs at this point, and without DSA's BD-J menus, there's really no reason to have most of those panels. I'd love to be able to have just the disc outline and the control panel (with verification tab) as a default.

Obviously, not everyone will agree with that, but it'd be nice to have that as an option.

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately (in DoStudio EX) when I tried to remove the annoying default "menu elements" tab (in hdmv we just need the playlist tab) and saved it as a new default layout - the next time I opened our project I got the error in the attached screenshot.

Any help what to do about it?

I'd rather live with the 'Menu Elements' tab than to crash our projects...




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