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I've compressed a movie having these specs:

FullHD 1080/24p - lenght 106' - black and white - the visual portion if the movie is square (does'nt fit the entire area of frame) so there are black vertical lines at sides .

Used this DSE setting:

VBR 2 pass - Target 22Mb - Max 35Mb

The result file size is "only" 5.4GB.

I've watched random points of the movie and I can't say it's bad, nor have noticed blockiness but I'm a little surprised by the small size of the file.


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Hi Francesco,

  Our encoder is built by a team that knows nothing but AVC encoding.  They have been doing AVC encoding for a very very long time.  Because of this you'll find that the encoder is extremely efficient at keeping the quality very high with the files very small.  We've even seen 3D MVC discs that were encoded at 15 Mbps without any pixeliation or loss of quality.   The reason I say this is that many times when the file size is not very large there is the question you brought up.  The file size from the encodes will always be smaller then other encoders.  The key thing we recommend is to look video that is encoded and make sure the quality is at a level you want.   If it is not you can always raise the bit rate.

   The patch will be part of an upcoming release and effects AVI and MOV files that encoder get stuck around the minute minute mark.  If you are experiencing issues like this please email us at sales [at] netblender [dot] com.

   Some tips to increase the encoding speeds are:  

    1. If you have the ability to export out YUV files then you can encode at almost real time on an i7 with 6GB of RAM.

    2.  If you have the ability to export out uncompressed AVI files this will help.

    3.  If you have the ability to export out uncompressed MOV files this will also help. 


   The major work done by the encoder is the "decoding" of the video.  In the case of Quicktime, the encoder has to rely on Quicktim's SDK to decode the video and this can be slow.  In the case of AVI the decoder can rely on DirectX functionality so it can be faster then an MOV.  Lastly a YUV file doesn't have to be decoded so it is very very fast. 


   I hope this helps.



Hi Denny,

thanks for your reply.

I'm really satisfied with the quality and encoding speed of DSE. I usually encode files MOV ProRes 422 HQ, sometimes AVI files, never checked YUV. I'll try YUV soon, also becouse I always make 2 pass encoding.

I know that AVC is very complex and versatile, has many switch and can follow quality/target and maximum bitrate, etc. so every encoder produces files with different sizes.

But... with this movie DSE is not "observing" my target bitrate (22Mbps). The target seems to be around 7Mbps.

So I don't understand in which way DSE is reasoning. I'll try to rise the target and/or maximum bitrate but I think it will not change the resulting file.

I don't understand the minute minute mark issue, could you explain me? :-)

Have a nice day!


Hi Francesco,

  In DSE the "target" is what DSE will try to reach.  However, its not a gaurenttee it will reach that bit rate.    I'm not sure what the minute mark issue is, can you point to where this is?



So, in regards to all of this, I am going to be exporting a "movie" which is actually just 77 minutes of white text on a Black Background at 1920 X 1080 pixels and RGB color space. I will be creating the movie in Avid Media Composer 6. My question is what would be the optimum export parameters I should use when exporting out of the Avid if I will be using Do Studio Encoder to make this into AVC? I am trying to optimize the sharpness of the text. The black background is truly black with all 0's in RGB. The white text is pure white. No other colors in this movie.

So what, 4:2:2 YUV 1920 X 1080 uncompressed?

Tom Carlson

Hi Tom

I think that 1920x1080 4:2:2 YUV should be perfect.

Read what Denny previously wrote about formats and speed!

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