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I've compressed a movie having these specs:

FullHD 1080/24p - lenght 106' - black and white - the visual portion if the movie is square (does'nt fit the entire area of frame) so there are black vertical lines at sides .

Used this DSE setting:

VBR 2 pass - Target 22Mb - Max 35Mb

The result file size is "only" 5.4GB.

I've watched random points of the movie and I can't say it's bad, nor have noticed blockiness but I'm a little surprised by the small size of the file.


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I am no expert on compression.

I would think that black and white would compress more than color - not as many changes between frames?

Also, the black bars should be really compressed, especially if they are uniform (no variations).  The P frames would not have any changes for them unless there was something there - noise perhaps.

As you know, VBR 2 pass should result in the best compression.  Different programs provide different results.

Also, AVC will be much smaller than m2v but with equal or better quality - or so I have read.

For example I have the following files encoded with Vegas using the same clip (10 sec. I think).  Solid color background with a single number in the center in white.  8M 720 29i wide. 

avc - 243KB    m2v - 9,766KB


I use solid colors for the background and a number for my test files - all the same length.  I found it interesting that some colors compress more than others but that could be due to the way Vegas creates them.


Hope this helps.


Paul Masters

That's pretty strange, though not unheard-of with lower-end encoders. I once did an anime title with the first version of Apple Compressor that passed replication. Anime tends to be large swathes of color that don't move very much, so it's easy to compress, and sure enough, despite maxing out the bandwidth setting, the bitrate stayed in the teens for the entire show. It looked fine, though, and it passed all the pre-replication tests. When it finally came out, nobody complained.

I have my misgivings about DoStudio's encoder, though, so if you have the means try encoding with another app, like the current version of Apple Compressor (it's $50) or x264 (free if you can figure out how to use it) and compare the two. You might find you're missing some fine detail.

Thanks for reply!

@Paul: You're right saying that AVC creates smaller files than m2v, also black lines at sides are uniform for all the duration of the movie and maybe grayscale encoding is less complex than color encoding but the final size is still too small. The movie is not high action but is still quite various and has a very clean picture. Maybe I should (find) use some bitrate analyzer to  see the real behavior of the encoder.

@Justin: Sometime DSE behave in a non proper way... I'm doing a test encoding with x264 and let's see what happens. I'll make other DSE encoding with different parameters and I'll post results.


email Denny with your problem; he might have a fix. I had the same issue over and over again with DSE; file sizes were random and always way too small. 

Thank you Peter, I'll do it!

I've made two test encoding with x264 and Adobe Media Encoder CS4. The size of resulting files are about 16-17GB (as I expected).

I'm worried about this DSE behavior and more worried about an eventual 3D encoding.

Denny could you please give me a feedback/suggestion/ideas about this? If Denny can't answer, who can?


Hi Francesco,

again, email Danny. There is a patch for the encoder that he supplied me with. Since then resulting size is consistent with the bitrate settings. .

Hi Peter,

I've sent an email to Denny but had no answer...

I really hope that a patch could solve "our" problem!

Peter B said:

Hi Francesco,

again, email Danny. There is a patch for the encoder that he supplied me with. Since then resulting size is consistent with the bitrate settings. .

just email again. Sometimes a mail gets lost or is delayed (guess they are also restructuring). 

Yes, the patch will solve your problem.

Thank you again Peter, I'll let you know!

Have you ever made 3D encoding with DSE?

Yes, about 15 projects for replication. This is why I initially asked Denny for help regarding the file size issue since MVC encoding is slow and reencoding just blew my deadlines. No problems so far with the patch. 

Thanks again!


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