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Hi all and happy new year!

I've started a "indie+ex" project with the latest version of DSA.

After adding, deleting and re-arranging a few times some playlists I've noticed that the playlist numbering method failed to assign unique (free or eventually increasing) numbers, assigning duplicates. So I had to put unique numbers manually.

Is this normal? Is it a little bug?


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Hello Francesco, You are correct, this is a bug in the current version that has already been addressed. The manual setting of the playlist number is a viable workaround for DSA v2.6.

You also should NOT use Mixed Mode (Indie + EX) in the same project, unless you are also using the JAVA Module. Please choose only one for each project. We will be updating the User Manual to define this better. It may be confusing as DSA 2.3 did not have the separation that we added in DSAv2.6currently.

Best regards, Rob

Thanks for the reply Rob.

The project that I was mentioning had no HDMV parts, so do you suggest not to use the Indie+Ex project but only Indie Edition?

Yes, That would be the right idea.


FWIW...  The order of the playlists doesn't matter, at least as far as I know.  That's likely why you can't change the order of playlists in DSA. 

The playlist information, and the chapter information for that matter, are only data entries in files on the disc pointing to where the segment(s) are.

I like to have the playlists in a 'logical' order (in my twisted mind), so I try to define them in that order.  If I have forgotten one or have to add a new one, I just let it go to the bottom of the list and 'live with it'.  If I absolutely must (g) have a specific order, I go through and sequentially renumber all of them from the top starting with 1.  If I really have to delete one, that is remove it with out reusing it, I do the same.  Having 'holes' in the sequential number doesn't appear to cause a problem, but I seem to remember it did one time.


The order of the segments, on the other hand may matter.  They can be reordered with select/drag and drop.  The actual video/audio data is written to the disc in the order it appears in the segments list.

That usually doesn't matter either.  Except if you have to add a segment that is to have a seamless 'connection' to another segment.  In that case the order is important.

Also, as the disc is written from inside out, having segments with, say, looping menu chapters first on the disc may reduce the delay for 'jumps'.  That's because the start and end of the chapters will be closer together as apposed to being on the outside of the disc.  (Closer together both in space on the disc and time as the inside of the disc rotates faster than the outside.)


The bottom line is that unless you have a specific reason for the video/audio data to be in a specific order on the disc, the order of the segments generally doesn't matter.  And the order of the playlists doesn't matter regardless.


Hope this helps.


Paul Masters


PS:  If you were creating an HDMV disc instead of a BDJ disc, reordering the playlists becomes a much greater problem.  That's because those numbers may be used in commands, but when changing those numbers manually, the commands they appear in, if any, ARE NOT CHANGED!  You must find them and change them manually.  (That also applies to the Movie Object numbers and the TITLE numbers.  Take special care with those.  They renumber themselves automatically when one is deleted!)

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