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Hi Everyone,     


   Thank you, if you've sent us ideas on how to make DoStudio better. We have several feature requests on file.  However, not everyone knows what you might have requested. (Especially those of you have spent your time sending us very well documented ideas.  Since the rest of the community hasn't read before.) Add it here and everyone will read them and take them seriously.




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As Justin said:

"A way to simulate the disc with visible variables you can step through each operation, particularly the menus and MO's , would be IMMENSELY helpful. Currently debugging is an exercise in pain and waiting. (Actual video playback would be nice, but even without it I would be extremely happy. But it needs to do both DSA Internal Java menus and HDMV menus.)"



Please make the paths to the content relative, so you can move your project from one folder/hard drive to another, without screwing up your links. Very usefull when you're backing up. It takes for ever to relink the media files.



I would LOVE to see DSA be able to read timecode from the encoder.  Every authoring tool I have ever used was able to read this information.  I was really thrown for a loop when this one did not.

Would it be an idea to list up all the suggestion in one post?

Any one up for it?


This problem is still with us in the latest build 3.0.80 at the time of writing).

Sony say they cannot reproduce it but we have seen it time and again where hitting FILE/SAVE removes the asterisk in the top blue bar (the one that normally tells you things are saved) yet the DSAP file is not updated, and on closing/reopening all edits made are now lost.

There is even a simple tester - create a new project save it & close, and in some cases when reopening from the "recent projects" list I get a message telling me the file does not exist - and on checking sure enough no DSAP file & no content folder. There is a workaround - make sure you have an explorer window open and watch the "date modified" field to be sure it updates.....

Autosave - like Scenarist SD - would be preferable as long as there is also an undo - the OS has a command for this CTRL-Z.

Jeremy Neish said:

I've run into this save bug as well.  I've gotten into the habit of hitting both the main save button and the the save button in the Movie Object editor every time I make a change.  I don't know if this is helping or not, but it makes me feel better.  I really don't see the point of two save buttons though.

There is also that weird bug where if you make a code change to an MO and then click on a different MO before compiling, it will overwrite the code in the button you clicked on with the uncompiled code.  This has caused me to lose more than a few lines of code in the past.

I'd like to see a method for creating mulit-page popup menus using PSD input in DoStudio-EX.


Playlist with 15 chapters -- need a popup that has 3 pages with5 thumbnails per page with a prev and next button (auto-activated) that moves from one page to another.

This will probably require a "mp: Page name layer" in the PSD, and a change to igeditor to process it, placing all content of each MP: into a separate page in the PES file.

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