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Hi Everyone,     


   Thank you, if you've sent us ideas on how to make DoStudio better. We have several feature requests on file.  However, not everyone knows what you might have requested. (Especially those of you have spent your time sending us very well documented ideas.  Since the rest of the community hasn't read before.) Add it here and everyone will read them and take them seriously.




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Visual timeline would be nice so you can place chapter marks within the program (as you do with DVD Studio Pro).

An internal testing environment.

One of the biggest things for me will be to make importing Java much simpler than the current train wreck.

I need to be able to easily inport from Sofatronic tools created JAR filesets, and would like a much simpler importing system.

Here's my want list:

  • I want a more obvious "master switch" that turns of DSA-created BDJO menus. This would disable everything that does nothing/causes trouble with HDMV menus (such as the playlist-based UOPs, the layout windows, the menu flow tab, the region settings), and turn on all the HDMV features. It would also swap the Control Panel and Verification panes to the big panel.
  • BDJO DSA discs should pass title and timecode data to the player so that resume-from-off/stop works properly.
  • A way to simulate the disc with visible variables you can step through each operation, particularly the menus and MO's , would be IMMENSELY helpful. Currently debugging is an exercise in pain and waiting. (Actual video playback would be nice, but even without it I would be extremely happy. But it needs to do both DSA Internal Java menus and HDMV menus.)
  • Fixing the blinking subtitle bug would be awesome.
  • Animated loading screens!
  • I'd love some way of replicating the "stories" feature of DVD, where you can set a fake sub-playlist that only selects certain chapters, and treats it like its own title.

I'm sure I'll think of more, but this is what comes to mind immediately.

Hello everybody, we agree with Steve and Justin, here's our wishlist:


0. Master Switch to ged rid of all BD-J / non HDMV UI that interferes when authoring in HDMV

1. IG editor: roundtripping with photoshop (we know it's DVDLogic, but THIS IS ESSENTIAL)

2. Simulator to test navigation, movies etc. before build process (with access to register states)

3. Documentation:
- HDMV "real world" reference
- Example parameters/contents of player registers like languages/states etc.
- Howto animation in IGE

4. project / file operations
- support for versioning
- renaming projectfile (not possible without getting error message / loosing reference)
- reusable project templates

5. Support for fullscreen graphic Menus - right now this is not possible neither with BD-J nor with HDMV. IGE will do fine importing a photoshop where the "mb: xxx" layer has a screen filling image - but after that in DSA/EX when project is built we get error messages and different display behaviour on basically every player.

(not everybody needs a menu with a video loop, some clients wish titles only with a still image - for now we create a video-loop with the photoshop export of a still image. for a future: it still would have to be a video but it could be just black)

6. better control of disc menu / popup button

7. better error messages that hint what to do / areas of problems



Oh yeah, gotta second what Sandro just posted. ESPECIALLY #1. God, that would save me HOURS of very frustrating work.

Animated loading screens

Resume functionality (I believed it's listed as being beta right now?)

A way to simulate the BD-J menus before compiling, and to see the register states

A way to control (i.e. lock out!) the "RETURN" button on the remote - pressing this on some players stops playback!

I Agree with Steve. much needed Visual timeline . This is a big missing feature currently.

Steve Kirkham said:

Visual timeline would be nice so you can place chapter marks within the program (as you do with DVD Studio Pro).

An internal testing environment.

I have lots, but here are a few.

I think DSA 2.x was a huge step up from 1.9, so I am hopeful 3.0 will be even better.

Feature requests:

1. Blinking subtitles. Since bluprint seems to be the only authoring app that can successfully compile contiguous subtitles in such a way that they don't blink, maybe Sony's compiler can be leveraged to achieve this. 

2. Seamless looping playlists. To make incredibly long seamless menu loops out of a 1 minute clip. 

3. Additional BD-J menu abilities, such as fade up and down, as well as the ability to overlap and have menus scoot in above or below another menu. Also a simple menu time out would be nice to close the pop up, but not the most pressing matter.

Workflow enhancements:
4. Using asset time codes. Instead of taking a master that starts at 01:00:00:00 and having to retime everything to 00:00:00:00, it would be great if DSA read asset time code as well as bd tc, just like dvdsp handles it. Would cut down on a lot of steps with chapters, subtitles, etc. 

5. Fix mosaic so that non black or white semi transparent parts of a layer don't change the rgb values from the original psd file. 
6. Undo!
7. Delete All for chapters
8. DVD SP style story play lists
9. Asset trimming and timeline view

Agree wholeheartedly with #3. I do find the menu animations a bit limiting - and have had to avoid using them in the past because it's sometimes difficult to get them working as intended.

Also, one thing I'd have found beneficial would be a timer function. I don't know if it's possible to do that given the performance disparity between BD players (especially with BD-J) but one thing I'd have like to do is animate one menu, pause for a few seconds, then animate a sub-menu, for example.

  • Seamless video and audio looping. - Most important.
  • Multiple video angles.
  • More informative error messages.
  • BDJ:  Animation of menus like In/Out Effects in HDMV only with ability to animate 'layers' separately from each other and allow for overlapping animation and fade/dissolve.  (Perhaps import of a video clip and break up to frames for the animation?)
  • In HDMV mode, see only items allowed in HDMV.  In BDJ mode, see only items allowed in BDJ.
  • Include chapter name in the import of chapters from a text file.
  • A way to import large numbers of assets and create playlists from them.  (An API was mentioned about a year ago.)
  • Documentation on HDMV options (Movie Object flags etc.) including IGEdit menu switches.

That's all I can think of for now.


Paul Masters

(PS:  Oh, yes, fix all the problems I have reported. (g))

Agree with all above and:

- a robust yet fast validation process of assests.Video/audio/subtitles. For the most common errors like invalid video or audio streams, missing audio frames, overlapping subtitles, etc. Maybe a background process.

- A smarter compiler, like DVD Studio Pro, capable of compile only modified or added elements, saving a lot of time and hard disk life.

- A bit budgeting tool.

I'll add some requests later, if possible...

Yeah, Christmas is approaching, so here we go:

- kind of an old one, but: Get your stuff together and release changelogs along the updates, please.

- make playlists sortable.

- re-work how assets / names / conditions are refreshed / updated - this is just a big, buggy mess atm.

- fix the save function (how and when it "thinks", the project has been altered).

- include an "Undo"-feature with a complete history for each project.

- auto-backup: keeps a "shadow copy" of your project that is refreshed, when the actual project was successfully loaded

- get the resume function for bd-j out of beta and working.

- integrated player for simulation that shows values for all variables would be awesome (Spruce DVD-Maestro has it).

- indicator to show if the project is BD25 or 50.

- get rid of some stupid folder restrictions (like that certain files have to be in the DoStudio project folder).

- let us define "default" projects or implement a methode to easly purge a project for re-use.

- implement a feature that finds and deletes dependencies that otherwise prevent the project from being compiled.

- when assigning navigation in a menu, make the buttons of that menu appear first in the selection.


more to come...

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