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Hi Everyone,

Some of the features we are working on for future versions are:

1. Fade in and Fade out sequences
2. Disk space verification
3. Animated First Play sequence
4. New Actions for Sticky Groups
5. Additional Play list features such as video and slide show titles before the first play screen.
6. Out of mux audio for slide shows.
7. Additional Verification Information.
8. NetBlender Live features

What are your feature requests that would make DoStudio even better in version 2.0?

-The NetBlender Development Team

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Some Requests we have "archived" from the ClearBlu Forum:

1. Multiple Primary A/V clips in one title.
- would assume clips would play in sequential order (not concerned with random play although it is par tof the BD spec)
- woudl need to be "smart"... if video and audio streams are same as another primary a/v clip in porject it should just point the playlist for that title to the same m2ts, not create an additional one.
- this allows for smart use of disc space when you have small clips you need to use in multiple different scenarios on the disc (example: easy way to create "play all" vs. individually playback of deleted scenes)
- this also would allow for better looping of main menu background videos (example: could repeat the menu video 30 times in title, if sector jump is not too far (file size is not too large), then you can achieve a "seamless" looking loop and only after the 30th iteration would you to the chapter marks to jump back to the beginning)

2. "Image" Block
- currently only menu alements allowed are menu blocks, sets, and buttons. While it is possible currently to use a button and set all 3 states to the same image, with no navigation assigned. It would be cleaner and more logical if there was a way to simply just display an "image" that is neither a BG or button.

3. Discrete Animations
- Ability to animate any block (menu, button, image) from a specified x,y to a specified x,y over a specified duration
- ideally you could chain multiple animations in a sequence.
- ideally would also trigger an "event" when animation was completed, providing opportunity to do other actions (button focus, etc) once animation is completed
- x,y animations are first priority, scale and alpha would be nice to have as a bonus.
- "easing" in and out of animation would be nice to have as an option

4. right click in actions panel has "remove all actions"

5. right click on item that can have a condition added to it should also have a "remove all conditions"

6. resume functionality
- action called "Set Resume point" - would store current title and current time.
- action called "Resume PLayback at resume point" - would issue appropriate title play and time play commands to jump to that resume point.
- action called "clear Resume point" - would reset resume point info to null
- conditional test for "Is Resume Point set" - Yes/No

7. I really really want my sticky group action mentioned in item 4 of your intial list.

- "Set sticky button of group"
- would have pulldown of all sticky groups, once group is selected, second pulldown would populate with all buttons in that group to select from
- when performed, the action would result in the chosen button's image being set to the activate state, and all other buttons in group having their images set to normal state (emulating the UI changes that would occur in the group if the button had been pressed).
- this would be useful for setting the initial state of a sticky group on disc startup, and also updating a sticky group (like subtitles) when the user has used the remote to surf to a different stream than last selected in the menus.

8. Support for 3rd party xlets (jar files).

scenario 1:
- ability add a jar file to a title and have the xlet launched when the title begins, and destroyed when it ends.

scenario 2:
- ability to replace the DSA menus with your own custom xlet.
** unlike scenario 1, this xlet would be valid across all titles, and it's presence would only be allowed if there were no menus in your DSA project. I would assume in this scenario, most if not all "actions/conditions" in the playlist would be disabled. Possible point of implementation would be on the menu elements tab, when it is completely empty, right click has "Add Main Menu Block"... at this juncture the context menu could also have a "Add Jar File...". choosing one of those options would disable the other.

9. Add the Top Menu and Return button control

10. in Mosaic, right click for "Uncheck All".

11. in the control panel for all "Size and Position" boxes
.... can you reverse Top and Left? right now it equates to Y and X, not X and Y which is the normal convention

12. Actions during first play. Why not have actions available to initialize your APRMs or check player options here instead of using title 1.

13. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copy and paste

14. Friendlier error messages - when I try to add a sub menu command in a project which doesn't have a sub menu, I don't want get a scary Unhandled Event error.

15. Nested Folders within the Image directory - I don't like how all the images imported by Mosaic are just dumped into one directory - what happens if there is a file name collision? Wouldn't it be better if there was sub folders named after the PSD documents that you had imported?

16. Dongle Based Licensing so we can transfer our projects easier.

17. On drop down dialogue boxes, could the options be listed in the order that they appear as streams, menus etc. Alphabetical listings are very annoying!!

18. On button linking drop down boxes, what is the practical purpose of be able to focus on a different menu? Surely you would do this as scripting and include a command to open that sub menu and apply focus.

The above two make for a very counter-intuitive workflow. If I have a language menu and a pop-up menu which lists subtitle options, I need to name them differently so that I know which English button I want to focus on (because both are listed), and then I still end up with a huge list of buttons I have to scroll past to reach the button I actually want!!

19. Thumbnail Preview of Chapter Time Codes, perhaps with an indication or ability to snap to the previous / next I-Frame.
Video Timeline view
For the encoder, I really really really want DirectShow input support. IMHO the only real advantage in having an encoder in Windows is being able to feed it AVIsynth scripts.

I'd really love a GUI to set chapter stops, like DVD Studio Pro. I'm fully aware that I might be dreaming on this one.

Text-based subtitle script support, especially styled subtitles like .ass (Aegisub), .ssa (Substation Alpha), and other common formats. Current options work OK, but there is currently no way to render subtitles that aren't all styled and positioned in the exact same way. Even if we're not really supporting text-based subtitles within Blu-ray (nobody does right now IIRC), having the ability to render them all out would be incredibly nice.

Better handling of multiplexing errors -- Sometimes DSA doesn't even know when the Corel Multiplexer reported an error. Even if it's just access to the log file within the gui, it'd be nice to access it without having to crawl through the Program Files folder.

A Simulator that doesn't rely on a multiplexed build would be INCREDIBLY nice.

Mosaic Pro is still a little buggy, not in a crashing sort of way, but in a "those layers weren't positioned there" sort of way. Regardless, having an import wizard that allows us to tweak the layers as they're imported would be really nice. Re-importing revised PSDs is the biggest issue for me so far.

Elementary stream checker -- basically something that would go through assets and just verify that they pass muster. If you're re-using already-encoded assets from DVD or other sources, this could save hours of troubleshooting.

More robust pre-compile validation -- For example, checking to make sure there's no subtitle/chapter stop collision, or other common causes of failed builds.

A disc space and image cache space meter -- Compiling is a bad time to learn that you used too much image space and you have to rejigger your entire menu. It's also a bad time to learn that you used just a TAD too much space on your encode and it won't fit on a disc.
I would like to echo #3. Loading animations like those on BD titles like "Ratatouille" really add to the presentation.

AviSynth input to DSE would also be a huge advantage. Quicktime-only input is a little niche (but not unworkable) from my point of view as a mainly Windows guy.
One additional point to make to #17-18, I notice that within the drop-down dialogues, chapters are numbered in sequence, regardless of what their names are. When you add chapters to an existing title, those are also numbered, but not necessarily in sequence. So that means you could have a chapter called "Chapter 2" and have it show up in the menus as "Chapter 1". That's pretty screwy...

One additional item I'd like to add: the ability to turn off the confirmation dialog box EVERY TIME you delete ANYTHING. When you've implemented something on a ton of buttons or keypresses, and you decide to do something a different way, it makes what's already an arduous process MUCH moreso.

- it would be nice to to have several menu sets with each up to 32MB space wich can be loaded into the players memory if needed. Important if we want to implement games with many graphics.

- also it would save many conditions if parameters, buttons images/selected state, audio and subtitle track could be set by parameter

- animated buttons/graphics in the menu set is also one of our greatest demands. That's what the client really recognizes.

- the possibility to loop video without black screen at the end. (There was a possibility to script that for HD-DVD. Is that possible for Blu-ray?)

- to program functions like you had in DSA for HD-DVD that can be recalled if needed would also be very nice.

- add third party BD-J code

Think that's enough for this time. Thanks so far for your great support.

Christoph - DVDesign, Germany
Hi again,

is it possible to implement a "pause" command, that causes the application to stop for some seconds and then continue? We need that for our "memory" game, where the two turned around cards need to be on the screen for some seconds before they are turned around again.

Christoph - DVDesign, Germany
Hi Christoph,

Here's the link to a thread that describes how to achieve seamless looping:

Hi Greg,

thanks, but doesn't help me with being really seamless in animated menu loops, if I don't know when the player loops exactly...

Christoph - DVDesign, Germany

please give us the "else" condition! That would save some time.

Christoph - DVDesign, Germany

again me.

If we import our graphics via Mosaic the second time and e.g. the selected state image of the button is smaller than the normal state the image is aligned at the top left corner of the button area. Mosaic should align the new images the same correct way it does when importing them the first time. If importing button graphics manually the user should be able to align a smaller state image in the bigger button area by himself. In your code such an offset is implemented and should be editable in DSA.

Also Mosaic is changing colors with alpha channel in an inconvenient way when converting the images to PNG. Depending on the color we get ugly results. Mosaic should convert the images to PNG the same way Photoshop does, so if we only replace one PNG created with Photoshop it integrates properly. Of course Mosaic shouldn't change colors and alpha values at all.

In DSA if we click in the path box of a button state image and then click in another path box the path in the first box gets lost and sometimes DSA reports an error message. This should be fixed.

If we open DSA and a project for the first time, DSA properly displays the graphic edges in the layout editor with blue lines. If we close a project and re-open it or open another project DSA doesn't display any blue lines anymore. This should be fixed, too.


Christoph - DVDesign, Germany
I second that! For my workflow it would be ideal if the encoder could ingest AVIs.

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