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So, I upgraded to 2.5. All working smooth so far with the exception of one nuisance that is killing me.

I type my movie object commands, move on to a second, third and fourth. I go back and two and three are empty again. I retype, hit save. Now number four is empty. And it goes on like that. It is hit and miss game that doesn't make sense. While the old way of doing it was annoying, at least it was reliable and muscle memory started to prevail: compile - save - done. 

This needs fixing urgently.

Also, while it is convenient to not having to compile and save each time, it is also missing the syntax checker. While the movie objects are checked at the compile stage, it would be nice to have the syntax check back where it was. And, of course, you still have to compile in IG Editor so... not sure if this is such a step forward. It's confusing for new users who don't need to compile in DO but have to compile in IG.

I see the Software Player button is active now (wasn't before with me). In my case, it brings up Arcsoft TMT but doesn't play anything. I still need to manually drag the build folder into it.

Little suggestion for V3: Can we please have a default language setting. With every assets I have to assign the language, again and again. If you're authoring for a specific market, there is usually a second language but the rest is most likely one main language so being able to have assets default to one specific language would be nice.

Lots of other ideas for v3 but that's for another post.

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Hello, We updated the DoStudio Authoring 2.5 version with a maintenance release on Friday June 8th. This update does correct the issue you are experiencing with the auto movie objects saving. Please find the update in your Smart Support account.

Which version of Total Media Theater do you have installed on your system?

Kind regards, DoStudio Support.


Quick reply, quick fix, cheers.

I can see two 2.5 builds in Smart Support, but both are from June 8th, and there is no build number or read me to differentiate (screenshot attached), only one EX module so I assume that's not it.

I'll just give it a try with the second 2.5 standalone as that has to be it then.

I use TMT 3, it's older and if that's the reason I am not bothered. Just thought I'll let you guys know.

Again, thanks for the quick heads up.


Hi Peter, Just use the download link under the Applications. You dont need the full suite installer. The update I mention is in Version 2.5 dated June 8th, 2012.

Thank you, Rob

Hmmm, installed it. They both have the same build no. 2.5.157.

So...? Will be authoring again tomorrow morning so I'll report back if this was fixing the problem. 

When did you instal the version of 2.5 that was giving you problems with the movie object saving? Was it after June 8th? Or before?

If it was after then we may need to review exactly what you are experiencing. Please update us when you can. Enter a support incident for this if you would please.

Thanks, Rob

I think it was right on the 8th if I am not mistaken. Yes, I'll report back tomorrow morning.

How do enter a support incident. I used to simply send an email to Denny in the past?


Hi Peter,

  If you are opening a project from the previous release with the release on the 8th.  Let us know at sales at netblender dot com and we can adjust your project for you.  If this is a new project and you are not seeing your saved project files shoot me a message and we'll look into why it is not working on your system.



Hi Denny,

thanks but... not being able to see saved project files this is not the issue. The only problem I have encountered so far relates to the disapearing movie object commands.


Hi there,

so... I was able to reproduce the problem but also found out when and why and how to work around it.

When you add a new movie object and then input your code, you then have to first click on the current movie object again (so it pretty much acts like a compile button) before adding a new movie object.

If you simply add a new movie object without clicking that button, or click elsewhere (such as save), the code dissapears.

I have sent an email with a little screen capture clip to better illustrate the problem and its remedy to


Hi peter,

 Thanks for the information and email.  We'll begin to see what we can do to improve this in a future release.  



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