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I work with a lot of anime, which has a lot of people talking over each other, on-screen text that has to be translated, and other overlapping subtitle events, for which I'd really love to use the "cropped" subtitle feature, which was designed so that the subtitle overlay doesn't blink when it refreshes.

Unfortunately, having tried this feature about 3-4 times, I just can't get this mode to produce functional subtitles for the life of me. None of the scripts are particularly challenging or quickly timed. I've tried keeping all of the subtitles on the top or bottom of the screen, cropping them, you name it. Each time, the disc plays for roughly 5-7 minutes until it gets to a seemingly arbitrary point in the program where the player's subtitle buffer gets overloaded, and depending on the player it either stops displaying the subtitles, or they appear garbled.

Has anyone successfully built a disc with this feature? If so, any tips? Building the disc, burning it, testing it in a set-top player, and then tweaking it blindly and doing it all over again is just not a sane workflow, especially when we're on a deadline.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

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Hi Justin.

I got it to work on most players using cropped subs with 'not-too-long sequences'. We did however have an issue with an older Samsung model where the subs came out corrupted.

Please send me the dost file and the referenced PNGs.

The steps are:

- Import the dost file

- Crop the subtitles

- Set the "Full Screen Images" dropdown to 'No'

- compile

- FYI: Arcsoft is not good for testing as you will see no blinking, I recommend HW players.

- FYI: The BD specs allow up to 64 images to be grouped into one epoch.



Thanks, Peter. Yes, I discovered that Arcsoft is "too good" at this -- the buffer never overflows either, so nothing ever gets corrupted.

There's no way to see/adjust/acknowledge where your epochs are in DSA, is there? How long is an epoch, typically?

The only setting that tells DSA to group non-gaping subs is the "Full Screen Images" dropdown set to 'No'.

There is no way to control when an epoch starts apart from the dost file.

The limit in terms of grouped images is up to 64 in one epoch. I have attached a screenshot of the relevant part of the specs (and we aren't even allowed to do that!). Please note the last paragraph which says that the memory footprint of the objects in an epoch shall not change. That could explain the corruption issues you reported and I saw as well.

As I said, please send me the dost and pngs and confirm the video frame-rate (which should be the same as the one in the DOST but often is not) and I will run a few tests here and will verify the result. 




Sent my last problem subtitles to you via PM. Much obliged!

Hi Justin.

Thanks, but the email from PM got blocked because we treat rar and a bunch of other as potentially unsafe.

Try zip.



Really? :| 

Okay, resending as Zip. Hopefully it'll ignore all of the horrifying viruses in there too.

....kidding. :p

Got them....I assume the video matches the frame-rate of the dost file, meaning I can use any video of appropriate length and frame-rate?


Yes, everything matches perfectly (and in fact, the disc was built seamlessly in the end using the other mux method). The corruption started at line 23, which weirded me out because the subtitles around then are not all that quick.

Thanks again!

The size in KB and the size of the area on screen are also important factors beside the frequency.....I'll get back to you as soon as I mux it, verify it and test it on a few HW players.

Thank you for your patience (as this week I am swamped as my superior is at a tradeshow)!


Sorry, but so far I don't have any good news.

This subtitle stream triggers about 180 verifier errors when set to cropped and it has zero errors when you set these a non-cropped!?!

The muxer is really choking on it when you try to group the subs with no gaps!

I will need some more time to get to the bottom of this and may even have to reach out to Corel as the mux engine in DSA is made by them.

I will update you as soon as I find out more.



I'm just happy that it's reproducible on your end. Thanks so much for looking into this!

I'm not in any particular hurry with this project (it's already left for replication and might have even streeted by now), but ironing out this kink for future projects is huge for us. I look forward to hearing what happens from here. Thank you!

Hi Justin.

I will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.


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