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I work with a lot of anime, which has a lot of people talking over each other, on-screen text that has to be translated, and other overlapping subtitle events, for which I'd really love to use the "cropped" subtitle feature, which was designed so that the subtitle overlay doesn't blink when it refreshes.

Unfortunately, having tried this feature about 3-4 times, I just can't get this mode to produce functional subtitles for the life of me. None of the scripts are particularly challenging or quickly timed. I've tried keeping all of the subtitles on the top or bottom of the screen, cropping them, you name it. Each time, the disc plays for roughly 5-7 minutes until it gets to a seemingly arbitrary point in the program where the player's subtitle buffer gets overloaded, and depending on the player it either stops displaying the subtitles, or they appear garbled.

Has anyone successfully built a disc with this feature? If so, any tips? Building the disc, burning it, testing it in a set-top player, and then tweaking it blindly and doing it all over again is just not a sane workflow, especially when we're on a deadline.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

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OK, had a chance to kick the tires on this latest version, and it's pretty great. The Verify Subtitles tab has a lot of flexibility -- I wonder, is there a chance we can add BDN-XML format being accepted/imported?

Personally, I think this tool would also be the ideal place to put an image preview, or even the cropping utility that's currently a part of DSA itself. But now I might be getting greedy...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the feedback.

We are considering adding BDN support (but we do not support all the BDN functionality, so we have to do this in a  way that works) and the image preview is already available. Right-click on the png cell and select preview. 

The cropping tool could be integrated as well. We have however updated DSA's cropping tool to allow for gap-less sequences. The crop function now detects sequences without gaps and will crop the pngs to the same size, since that is apparently what the muxer can handle. As I may have mentioned we recommend to keep the subs in the same screen area (e.g. lower third) when working with gap-less sequences. Otherwise the common crop size will be almost as large as the screen and the BD players will be unable to present the subs correctly because of buffering constraints. This means you would have verifier errors in the disc, even though the subs may play correctly. 


Hi Justin.

We are moving along with the beta and have added support for BDN  xml graphic based subtitle streams.

We are still adding a few messages and checks when users input incorrect values (e.g. I am not checking the x & y coordinates against the resolution or the fadin/fadout values against the duration of the events and a few others).

Another important change I need to add is not allowing export if the stream has red events. Currently you are allowed to export DOST with time overlaps (which cause the mux to fail!!) and with too short events (in this case you'd get verifier errors, but the mux would complete).

I have attached our fist official beta with the installer.

Thank you for taking the time to look and for any comments or suggestion!!!


Hi Justin,

Here is the file, I had to zip it up...


Awesome. Will test this on Monday. Thanks for everything! This is all very exciting.

OK, this thing just went from good to great. This eliminates a lot of messy conversion and hoops I had to jump through before. The method to export to a new directory is very nice -- I wasn't quite clear that the PNG files are getting copied over as well, rather than just saving the .DoST, but now that I think about it that makes sense if any changes were made to the list of subtitle events. (The file save dialog button doesn't work, and exporting in general is still a little wonky, but I'm sure you know that already.)

The only thing I could possibly even want at this point is if it saved PNGs and a .DoST from a .SUP file. But I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. :D

Hi Justin, 

The file-copy/save as during export is still 'under construction', I just need to program the background worker to do its job and report the progress properly.

Any chance you can send me a few 'sup' samples? Can't promise anything for this release, but if the format is not too complicated we could add support for this format as well, when we have time to implement it and test it.

Thanks for all the testing!!


Oops, looks like, when you import from a BDN-XML file, the .DOST it spits out has a header isn't accepted into DSA. Verification replies, "The file is not in the correct format. Please fix this before using the .dost"

Copy-pasted the header from another .DOST file and all is well.

Can you send me the BDN file and the dost file?



Fixed....True need to be spelled TRUE in the dost file.........good catch!

Thanks. In the meantime I fixed the backgroundworker - so when you export the project you get a correct progress of the operation and a 'successful' message at the end.

Now we need to disable export in case of errors and I think we also need a way to jump to problematic lines. Imagine you have 1000 PNGs and only some are flagged in red. Scrolling up and down may be too inefficient. Let's see if I can add a "Show next event with issues" function.....

Thanks for finding this bug!


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