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I am having compatibility issues (no Play issues) with these players:

Panasonic DMP BDT 300             

Panasonic DMP BDT 55               

Panasonic DMP BDT 30               

Samsung BDP 1400                     

Philips BDP 9000

Is this a firmware issue or is NetBlender not compatable on these players?


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More info:

1. Built with Do Studio Authoring Edition Release Vesion 2.3 (Build

2. Compiled to manufactures format

3. Silvers came back good (100%) on all players except:

          Panasonic DMP BDT 300             

          Panasonic DMP BDT 55               

          Panasonic DMP BDT 30               

          Samsung BDP 1400                     

          Philips BDP 9000

which would not play them.

Hi Joeyray,


   According to there are now 280 different Blu-ray players on the market.  We work with the major CE manufacture to ensure the maximum compatibility for DSA projects.  For the players you mention.  There should be firmware updates for the Panasonic Players you mentioned, especially the 300.  If this is not the case then Panasonic is aware of the issues and we are told they are working on it.  The Samsung BDP 1400 was released in 2007 and we are not sure if Samsung is providing firmware updates to this player anymore.  Philiips is being notified that there is an issue with their player.  



Thank you.

While it may not make any difference, you should update to the most recent version V

Paul Masters


After we get this out the door we plan on applying any updates. We have had major project setbacks in the past because newer versions of software corrupted project files or introduced stability issues when updates were applied in the middle of projects. I am not saying this program has done that, we are new to this program, It is policy to hold off on major updates of 'any' software once QA testing has begun. Unless it can be shown that the update is critical to finalizing the project.


I completely understand and agree.  I have shot myself in the foot by doing an update to a product in the middle of a project because updates worked OK in the past and then having problems.


With DSA, you can create a new project by using the File/Save a Copy To...  That is the only correct way of making a copy of the DSA project.  If you made any changes, be sure to do a Save.  Then create a new folder not related to / under the current folder.  I name the project file the same as the folder so I can easily tell which project I am working on when in DSA.  Be sure to close that project and open the newly created one.  Unlike other products, DSA doesn't do that for you.

Keeping all assets (PSD, video, audio, subtitle files etc. and HDMV menu files (dlies, pes) in a folder not related to / under the DSA project will make copying a project much easier because DSA only copes it's files, and not all of them. 

After the copy you will have to do a complete compile as that folder is not copied.


The newest version and versions in between fixed some problems.  But as I say, I have no way to know if your specific problem is / would be fixed.  As each manufacturer implements the BD spec. in their own way, perhaps even differently with different models of players, and as your disc works on other players, it is likely to be a player issue as Denny thinks.


Paul Masters

I am very confused at this point... Every thing checks out on the Sony verifier yet 5% of all Panasonic players are failing... The companies that we are working with all think that it is NetBlender causing the issue... I have no way to say if it is or not... Everything looks right...

Does anyone have any ideas?

And SmartSupport doesn't recognize my login... I really don't see a win in this situation...

Hi Joeray,

I don't want to waste your time... but I'd know:

Are you authoring in BD-J or HDMV?

Have you tried to play your project via BD-R rather than via silvers? Is the result the same (no play at all)?

We have played both the Silvers and BD-R. It seems that on both the load time is greater on the panisonic machines, if it comes up at all. I have a couple question:

    In NetBlender How do the files get laid out on the disc?

                      Is it based on the "Segment" order?

                      "Playlist" order?

                      or "Blu-ray Disc Titles" order?

   Is there any error checking in the program?

                      Can errors be identified easily? Like a debug mode...

The Sony verifier came back with 53 errors however no information on them, is there a log generated at compile time within NetBlender that can identify these errors? I know with DVD there are acceptable errors/warnings that do not effect performace or quality. Is there a list of acceptable errors on Blu-ray?

Note: The NetBlender Log Viewer claims '0' errors at build time.

As I understand it:

The segments are on the disc in the order they are shown in the Audio Video segments in the Playlist tab.  You can drag/drop them to change the sequence. 

Playlists are merely a set of 'pointers' in file(s).  You can not change their sequence.  Their order is not important.


As to the order all the files are written to the disc, I am sure that if there is a spec. requirement that DSA follows it.


The compile log is in:  yourproject folder/yourproject.BD/Compile/compile.doCSlog

You can open it with NotePad (PC).  It may be more detail than the viewer.  It may or may not be of help.


Needless to say, it is difficult to correct an error if you don't know what that error is.  You need to discuss the error codes with Sony or whom ever ran the verifier.  (You could try looking up the error codes on the WEB.  You never know...)


Hope this helps.


Paul Masters

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