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I was wondering if it's possible in DSA Indie, to have a timer limitation on the PopUp Menu. If the user selects the PopUp, the menu would clear after 1min.

I've tried moving the SPRM9 to APRM "Timer" and adding a value of 10sec as a test. So far nothing has happened and was curious if anyone else had any suggestions.

Thanks You


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Hello Marcus, DSA Indie does not provide any auto timer function to turn off the pop up menu. You need to use a clear menu block action on buttons that users might select or an actual close button that does a clear menu block action.

Thanks, Rob

Hello Rob

Thought that was the answer, but was hoping to use the SPRM vaules to my benefit. The previous project we worked on, noted there was no Auto-Clear on the PopUp in their QC report. I was trying to avoid a repeat note from the QC company.

Thanks for your help


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