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Currently we're looking at buying some audio encoder for Blu-Ray. Either Dolby Tru HD or DTS-MA. Currently we're using PCM for lossless audio, along with Dolby Digital 5.1 640Kb/s streams. Obviosly, this takes up some extra space on the discs that could've been used for higher video bitrate instead. What I'm wondering is, what are the recommended audio options? On DVD you had to include a Dolby Digital track, even if you had a DTS track. Is this the case with Blu-Ray? Also, if we only add a DTS-MA track, will this track be downmixed automatically in a setup that doesn't support DTS at all (i.e. having audio on the tv only)? Or is it recommended to add a dolby digital option aswell?


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Hi Boody,

DTS is mandatory on Blu-ray (unlike DVD), so my reccomendation is to go with a DTS-HD MA track (which is optional) which automatically includes a DTS 'DVD' track (which is mandatory), ensuring the viewer always gets 5.1 sound.

I think the only reason to include a Dolby Track is if someone has an Amp which doesn't decode DTS, but then most Blu-ray players output Multi-Channel PCM, so you should be fine.


Hi Boody,

One of the advantages to picking DTS is they provide 2 different applications that can encode DTS Audio.
1. The plugin for FCP:
2. The DTS-HD Encoder



Hi Folks,

I'm finally considering a DTS encoder and just trying to understand how it works. My client has given me a 5.1 AC-3 and Stereo AC-3 file and expects me to create an Audio Setup menu to choose between the two. But I don't see this very often on Blu-rays. I have heard that DTS is automatically mixed-down to Stereo for viewers who only have Stereo systems. How does this mix-down work? Also, I'm looking at SurCode for Compressor. What are the compromises of this option as opposed to the full standalone application?


Many thanks,


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