Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

Hi All

Might have a project upcoming where client is supplying encodes created in Adobe Media Encoder - are these compliant for replication or would I better off getting the Quicktime files and re-encoding?

As the Adobe doesn't appear to be listed on Sony's list of approved encoders.

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Hi Steve, I do not have much experience with Adobe Media Encoder, but the encoded video files MUST be Blu-ray compliant. Best to make sure the encoder states that it can encode to BD compliancy.

If you are not sure be careful. DSA will NOT do a full BD compliancy check when you import. You may not find out that a stream is not compliant until the Compile/mux stage or even the verification stage at the replication facility.

Thanks, Rob

Thanks Rob. I have advised client I can't guarantee the encodes will verify and I would rather re-encode.

Hi Steve,

if your customer create the encodes with adobe media encoder CC, then they are compliant.

The Adobe Media Encocer CC has Blu-ray templates for .m2v and .h264 compliant streams.

When using them in DoStudio you must open the file input dialog and use the "use all files" option.

DoStudio doesn´t see the .m4v Files by Standard, but will compile them with no problems.

Greetings Gerd

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