Cutting the Drama Out of Blu-ray Production

How do you do it with Dostudio Indie???

I have a programme with loads of burnt in titles/name plates and I have to add a SDH stream. The subtitling programmes I use which play the H264 file only have the subtitles in a separate window so you don't get a real-time image of where they will sit.

I could import the SRT file into Premiere and identified which subtitles which need adjusting and then make an educated guess in the x-y coordinates of the DOST file.

At the end of the day it was only @ 40 subtitle files (out of 1368) which needed adjusting on the DVD, quick and easy when you have a preview monitor built into the programme ( hint hint ;-) ) so the Premiere route and X-Y adjustments looks like the most likely solution.

Any tricks you have used in the past would be greatfully appreciated.



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Why are you using an avc file as a reference for your subtitles? I'd use the source and a subtitling app that shows both source and subtitles overlayed so you know what you're doing. If, for whatever reason, you don't have access the the avc source, use avisynth and DGDecNV to either encode a new temp file your subtitling app can read or use Pismo File Mount Audit Package to temporarily mount an uncompressed avi to load into your subtitling app. If you're unfamiliar with avisynth, google it along with DGDecNV and you'll find all relevant info as to what it is, what it can do and why it's a fantastic tool.

In any case, sounds like you should look for a different subtitling app that gives you proper visual feedback.

Quick and cheap way would be to note the affected subtitles and add blank lines to the end of them (assuming they're bottom positioned and you want to shift them upwards).

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